My First Article at Reaxxion: How #GamerGate Could Revitalize Science Fiction

My first article at

The big sci-fi publishers have seized on the opportunity to produce works that speak to their ideological preferences rather than tell a captivating story. If you think social justice has gotten bad in gaming, just look at some of the politically-correct message fiction being produced. While a game developer might check off some PC boxes by adding a few token characters, PC fiction doesn’t even try to be subtle about their ideology. Aliens aren’t just aliens anymore, but are commentaries on humanity’s binary gender social constructs. How novel.


Despite the big publishing houses churning out message fiction, they have failed to gather more converts, let alone meet their sales numbers. The awards handed out, whether they be the Hugo, the Nebula or anything else, have nothing to do with sales or customer response, but with certain preferences with the small groups of fans and award coordinators. Meanwhile, the books themselves collect dust, publishers merge in order to avoid going under, and book stores go out of business because no one wants to read stories about lesbian werewolves in space.



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Repost: Opponent Vs Enemy

These next few weeks will be hectic as I put the finishing touches on my next book. Several blog posts are finished, but their release depends on other coinciding events.


In the meantime, there is another post way back in the archives that I wrote when I just started blogging. Thus, it has been lost to the many new readers I’ve acquired over the last year and a half. It is something I want to share because, while the nature of online discourse hasn’t really changed in that time, the new influx of Social Justice is increasing the volume of our detractors. Sometimes, it’s hard to differentiate between ally and antagonist, or what tactics to use against them.


The distinguishing factor between the people set against you is verifying that they are an opponent or an enemy, for there is a difference between the two.


When I think of the word opponent, I imagine someone in a gi on the other side of the mat, about to kick my ass. They stand in my way but they don’t necessarily want to kill me, and I don’t necessarily want to kill them. We both come to the conflict with some degree of understanding of why we’re here – to test our abilities, or even to pick up some more tricks. There are ground rules, some spoken or unspoken, that we don’t cross certain lines out of respect and we are allowed to tap-out, breaking the conflict without fear of being run down and obliterated.


They aren’t seeking my complete destruction, and I’m not intending to do the same. I might not even want to eliminate an opponent because the continual sparring will make sure my strategy is precise, or to the contrary that my weaknesses will be revealed so that I may correct them. Likewise, I do the same for my opponent. This is the dialectic that is created between antagonizing beliefs. Each side evolves against one another, and perhaps a greater truth or experience is found as a result of the struggle.


The word enemy, however, comes with an entirely different connotation. When I think of an enemy, I image a horde of barbarians breaking through the gates and slaughtering everything in their path. They don’t lay down rules because mutual combat isn’t their intent. They don’t look to debate. They don’t entertain the idea they’re wrong. They don’t let you retreat, and should you submit they will only try to crush you further.


Online it may be hard to separate the two, but it’s important that you scrutinize your antagonist’s intent to sort out which is which. You don’t want to misconstrue an enemy for an opponent because they will steamroll over your patience and decorum. Similarly, you don’t want to mistake an opponent for an enemy, otherwise you run the risk of using the rhetorical nukes on a soft target.


At one time, I had civil discussions with Marxists and even some outright Communists. They saw things that I didn’t; I saw things that they didn’t, and by the end we left it at that, retiring to our own domains of the internet without needing to throw bricks or incite a mob. I don’t want to destroy the people I disagree with politically because they may have a point. It was the crucible of disagreement, after all, which brought me to where I am today.


When criticism appeared on my blog, I took it in stride because most people make it clear – unconsciously – that they’re opponents, not enemies. Never have I seen a frothing barbarian try to tear this place down.


In the past year, I have seen clashes in here in the ‘sphere and, while we all have differing opinions on how to measure success and what we should value, no sect of the manosphere has ever actively pursued the destruction of all others. Despite the differences in the tradcons, MRAs, MGTOW’s or whatever acronym you subscribe to, there is no internal warfare, just sparring matches. That is something that we need to remember when these clashes happen. Here, we’re not out to defend our very lives from fellow travelers. That is something that I cannot say for our ideological opposites in the blue pill sector.


In this same year, I’ve seen a raise of enemies through events like GamerGate, and recently with the round of Hugo nominations. Here we see different behavior than what should normally come from simple disagreements: absolute thinking desiring complete submission. I.E. the desires of an enemy.


In this original post, I stated that Political Correctness is an enemy because it treats all people as potential enemies in its effort to purge all forms of sexism, racism, discrimination, privilege and oppression from society, no exceptions. Anyone who holds those beliefs or has any sort of privilege is to be attacked and shamed without respite until PC’s complete and total domination reigns supreme. There is no middle ground and there are no bystanders in the eyes of Political Correctness. There is no room for compromise or discussion.


However, Political Correctness is merely a thought bubble that cannot carry out its own will. It has no physical form, rather it is people who give action to these ideas, and it is people that we need to be mindful of. The particular people who have risen this past year have been Social Justice Warriors. I’m not sure what new University curriculum was approved, but if GamerGate and the increasing fury of the Tumblrists and Twitteristas is any indication, someone is teaching them to be enemies rather than opponents.


They can’t sit by and just let games be games. They won’t even let the privileged have their own territory within gaming because if one game, just one, was not up to par with their particular standards then it is torn apart by outrage. Again, is that the behavior of an opponent or an enemy?



That thinking right there is a far cry from the disagreements we behold within the ‘sphere. Can a Social Justice Warrior honestly admit that, if given the chance, would they leave their opponents alone or is every pizza restaurant that doesn’t agree to be burned to the ground? Is any state with any law slightly against the oppressed supposed to now be boycotted? Similarly, would they allow other authors that don’t share their views onto the Hugo slate without a tantrum, saying to themselves “well, better luck next time”?


The answer is no. If they could console themselves through defeat or if they could tolerate the world as it is, maybe even seeing the good within it, then they wouldn’t be Social Justice Warriors. They could have compromised a long time ago and perhaps found a nice middle ground to occupy, but because everyone else has compromised with them they feel entitled to dictate the ways of the world, and not just dictate but to dominate completely. Their tactics make it quite clear that they are ideological enemies.


How do you deal with ideological enemies? First, you don’t treat them as opponents. Ideological opponents are granted respect and manners because the debate is mutual. With opponents you and they are allowed to retreat. Once you do, there is an understanding that you don’t cross into their territory, whether that be a spot on the Earth or a server on the web, and they don’t disturb yours.


Because enemies aren’t inclined to do this, you shouldn’t feel the responsibility to do it for them. Taking the moral high ground doesn’t help you when the barbarians pile on their assault. Purposefully handicapping yourself against a rabid enemy doesn’t bode well for you. Probably the best way to combat enemies is to do to them exactly what they do to you. GamerGate and the recent Hugo nominations have found that strategy to work. Turn their tactics back on them, show them the pressure of their own wrath. Feel free to let lose the rhetorical nukes. Ridicule and make fun of them, if you wish. Don’t feel sympathetic to people who feel no sympathy toward you, who would crush you if they had the choice, and who, if they ruled, would not let people simply live and let live.


Throughout the process, just remember to correctly identify: opponent or enemy.



These days, every man needs legal protection. Here is an affordable way to get it.

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A primer of Gnon and Ethics

In my next few posts I’ll attempt to explain how modern-day leftism, and more importantly Feminism, is immoral in a basic sense of survivor morality. Before I do that, I need to talk to you about where I believe the survival morality comes from: my Lord and Savior, Gnon.


If you’ve followed select neo-reactionaries on twitter or their blogs, you likely recognize the reference to Gnon. If you’re not part of the club, or if you just don’t know what the fuck they mean, then I will tell you. Gnon simply means Mother Nature. Gnon is really an acronym of Nature Or Nature’s God, reversed. A reversed acronym indicates how cool we are. And yeah, we are breaking convention to put Or in the acronym.


But all you need to know is that when someone says Mother Nature, they mean Gnon. When I say Gnon, I mean Mother Nature. No, Mother Nature (or Gnon) doesn’t actually exist. Rather, they are a fictional personifications of the natural forces we see the real world.


It is in the same way sailors call the sea “angry” when a storm is coming. No, the sea as a massive body of water doesn’t have a limbic system, let alone a consciousness, which allows it to “feel” anger. We humans personify the sea as angry to better describe what’s going on. It makes what we see simple and concise enough to tell others easily.


You can teach the basics of evolution – that when organisms reproduce their offspring have slightly different characteristics than their parents, meaning some offspring are more suited to survive, and when those survivors mate, their offspring are slightly different too. You can expand this principle for millions of years and add to the discussion the different kinds of environmental pressures these organisms face. Don’t forget the different kinds of selection pressures, the why and how, the roadblocks and the competition trying to evolve beyond their peers. However, digging deeper into the concept causes us to lose the forest for the trees. When we take a step back and examine the system in a wider-scope, we can see a beautiful interplay of life, death, chaos and order. When Creationists see the beauty behind evolution, they call it Intelligent Design, as if species are being sculpted from generation to generation by a higher intelligence.


But where Creationists see God, secularists and neo-reactionaries see Gnon. Instead of evolution coming from God, neo-reactionaries have created a fictional God to give character to evolution. We are, essentially, giving the universe a spirit where one doesn’t exist.


Here’s a basic overview Gnon:


Gnon as a God of Life – we see that, when given the chance, all life will find a way to survive. It will always carve out a niche to stay alive and if there is a void where there is no life, life will colonize it. If given the chance and given no resistance, every single organism in existence, from a bacterium, to a sunflower, to a mammoth, will divide and grow to conquer the universe. Every, single, one. This constant growth is the life essence of Gnon.


Gnon as an uncaring God of Death – we see that every creature will eventually die. The universe doesn’t stop in mourning for the dead and the forces of the universe don’t care if it wipes out entire planets through a supernova. Predators don’t care when they eat their prey alive, and no physical force in the universe intervenes to stop this or any slaughter. Thus, Gnon doesn’t care about killing all he has created.


Gnon as a God of Conflict – we see every species fight for survival, whether that be against predators, against prey, or against members of its own species in the struggle to mate. There is no Eden in the known universe where there is harmonious peace between all living organisms. Gnon, in this sense, is a God of perpetual struggle and war.


Gnon as the God of Change – we see that not only must every creature fight for survival, but they must adapt to constantly evolving predators, prey, competition and environment. The nature of the universe results in the weak and unchanging dying and the strong and adapting surviving, though what constitutes “weak” or “strong” depends on the environment each creature faces. What determines victory or defeat is Gnon’s crucible.


Gnon as a God of Sex – we see that sex, or at least reproduction, is the end goal for all living organisms. Without reproduction there is only extinction. This obsession with propagation within all organisms is the influence of Gnon, for Gnon wants continuation above all things.


Gnon as a God of Ascension – through the processes of change, evolution, life and death, the result is an ever-ascending species. If there is a continuous end-goal for the universe, Nature, or Gnon personified, it is to create an Apex species, one that has reached maximum survival potential.


I hope you’re able to conceptualize what I mean by Gnon. Personify what you see in the universe, and you’ll likely see not a beneficent or maleficent force guiding the it but a neutral deity with its own ends and means.


Gnon’s Morality


Of course, Gnon, like any deity, has a set of ethics. Gnon’s ethics ultimately come down to this: Questions of morality are moot if there’s no one alive to ask them. Thus, survival is Gnon’s one and only Law. All other aspects of morality that we humans call “morality”, like being a “good person” by not murdering, stealing, etc., depend on the species not dying. Sometimes our moral laws coincide with Gnon’s. Sometimes they do not.


According to Gnon, all our moral prescriptions like liberty, virtue, faith, justice, and human rights are variables, not constants. They are contextual, not immutable. There are times when freedom leads to survival, and times when it does not, same for fascism, democracy, socialism, capitalism, theism and atheism. No idea, system, action or choice is off the table, for, as per the Life aspect of Gnon, life will find a way with any tool available. To us, it means that all systems and actions are moral or immoral depending on the outcome: will we live or won’t we? This form of ethics may sound too simplistic, but it is actually complex in that it opens our horizons and gives us possibilities, while at the same time forcing us to make hard choices as to which path we choose and to what extent. Underneath it all is the one Law: survival.


Next week, I’ll have a post explaining what I see in Liberalism/Feminism going against Gnon. Stay tuned.


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Hate in the Era of Social Justice

Something to keep in mind about the human race is that despite the advances in technology, we are still very much cavemen at heart and technology likely won’t change that for a long time. Granted, there are things about the modern age which cross our psychological wires and produce deformities in us cavemen, like facebook contributing to attention whoring and the easy, modern world contributing to narcissism, but these defects are defects for a reason. Most of the time, we humans function with the same wiring as we have for the last several thousand years, wiring that governs love, sex, and, in this case, hate.


Hate is a strong emotion that can be appropriate or inappropriate depending on context. Hating something after studying it in depth and coming to the conclusion that it is evil is one thing. Hating something because of the exact opposite, because you don’t understand it, or because you were simply told to hate it, is another thing entirely.


We humans are wired for both kinds of hate, and we have hated as such for thousands upon thousands of years. The sudden advent of the modern world, John Lennon’s Imagine and the hippies et al to the contrary have done nothing to stop the emotion from erupting from our deepest, most primitive lobes. The only difference is where the hate is directed.


In every era, the establishment has deemed a scapegoat for hate in order to turn the masses in service to the establishment. Whether this hate is justified or not makes no difference.


In the past, the establishment, the church, cultivated hate toward pagans and witches. The establishment of the Catholic Church generated hate against the Lutherans, and the Lutherans designed their own hate against the Catholics. Blacks, Irish, Italians, Polaks, Chinese, Jews, etc. were all designated as hate targets at one time or another so the political establishment at the time could benefit by the outrage. The masses took the bait, as they always have, and always will, and proceeded to incite their own witch-hunts, lynching’s, mobs and genocides.


We’re fortunate that we live in a world that has grown up and left that hate behind. Or do we truly live in that world? Has the world changed? Have we changed? Unfortunately not.


We do not see less hate today because it is an emotion locked away within our most primitive hindbrain. Like sex and hunger, and the fight or flight mechanism, it simply won’t go away even after a few tokes and a kumbaya. We are, after all, still cavemen.


One could say that we are more intelligent and educated, thus inoculating us from hate. Problem is, plenty of intelligent people were witch hunters who sent plenty of other people to the stake. If anything, more intelligent people are more adept at justifying their prejudices than people who understand that they know so little.


The psychology of the human animal doesn’t change much in a thousand years, only the establishment does. The only reason why we don’t hate Polaks like before isn’t because we’ve become more tolerant of them, but because the establishment has changed and Polaks, Chinese, Italians, etc. are no longer a threat to the Powers That Be. Instead, that level of hate has been redirected once again by the current establishment for its own purpose.


That current establishment can be described many ways – liberalism, progressivism, egalitarianism – but no matter what name you use, it is still some form of Cultural Marxism – the belief of human equality, of class oppression, and of racial/gender privilege. In contrast to its predecessors, this establishment wants to put on the guise of tolerance and acceptance to “diversity”, but like all establishments that came before it cannot exist without the masses hating a designated group. However in this era, they cannot hate any particular national, religious or racial group like the belief systems of before.


In order to sidestep this hypocrisy, the establishment has elected a new hate target that simultaneously allows the masses to hate in its service while also seeming righteous and tolerant. These targets are now racists, sexists, and the privileged. In other words, white males are the new pagans while the new masses of torch-bearers are Social Justice Warriors.


If you read the blogs of tumblr, or wander the social justice twitter feed, or even just talk to one of these people, you will likely notice a psychology of intense hatred. Replace what they say about whites with the word black, or replace man with the word woman, and you’ll see how strong their hate is. And that is being charitable. The way they mobilize a mob to burn down people’s careers and lynch their reputations shows how closely they follow the ancient script. If born in a different era, the Social Justice Warriors would have wielded the torch that set witches on fire, or the bombs that destroyed churches. It’s not as if Social Justice Warriors truly like black people (for example), for they can be just as racist as anyone else, instead they just hate racists and privileged so much more. They don’t like women, they hate men. They don’t like Islam, they hate Christianity. They don’t want to work hard to build something of their own, they just want to tear something down. Their hate is so pure and strong, like their forerunners, and is justified all the same by the establishment’s mouthpieces, whether they be priests or professors.


But just as there are witch hunters in every era who follow the commands of the establishment, there are skeptics in every era who are not without reason. These men and women were the ones to reject and question the ideology of their day. They were enlightened enough to balance their feelings with reason, and likely walked away from the mob, or took a stance against to. Today, ironically, these people are so called bigots, and are labeled as misogynists and racists for the crime of seeing reality. They are red pillers who stand against, not with, the Social Justice Warriors and their mob, though the Social Justice Warriors themselves would die before they admit this.


It’s sad to see how history repeats itself. The lessons of tolerance were never learned, but instead repackaged and rebranded into another form of bigotry. The Social Justice Warriors don’t realize that they are the useful idiots of another era, the people who absorbed the ideology of their times and are all too happy with dispensing it.


Remember. People don’t change. Institutions do.


My advice to current and converting red-pillers is to not be like the useful idiots of this or any other time. Don’t let hate guide your life because it’s a fleeting emotion liable to make you a pawn, but don’t try the futile attempt to eradicate hate because it will never happen. Instead, balance your emotions with your reason. Do not focus on tearing something down; instead focus on building something up.

The Meaningless Distraction of Social Justice

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Wages are stagnating, our dollar is inflating, the economic prospect of the west isn’t looking good. Most of us are growing up in a time where opportunities to have even a modest living are shrinking away while the cost of living gets higher by the year.


And yet I’m told we need to have discussions about things, as if these things are going to shorten our work weeks and get us better pay. Apparently, we need to talk about transgender issues and gay characters in science fiction. We need to do away with the “gender binary,” said some hack writer from the Guardian. I’m told that misogyny and harassment and trolling exists on the internet, yes, the internet of all places, and it needs to be addressed because it’s hurting women’s feelings and taking away their opportunities to be engineers. We need to have this discussion about cisprivilege and thatprivilege, because our world would be better if we just accepted people, all people, including weirdos and their fetishes.


However, I doubt this world would pay me more so I can support a future family, or protect that family from an economic collapse or a frivorce (same thing really).


I think it’s quite strange how all these trenches are being dug on battlefields that have no significance to our lives outside the internet where we have to live and work in continually declining economic conditions. It seems pointless whether or not the “guy” next to you identifies as a femme-showing transsexual when you and zir are homeless and eating out of the trash.


I’d be willing to bet that gay/trans/race/women’s issues are only being pushed as hard as they are because they represent a safe release value for the legions of overeducated and underemployed college grads who make their homes on the internet. The progressives in media highlight an elusive boogeyman which doesn’t threaten the economic powers that be, the liberal economic powers that be, but is nonetheless an issue which allows all the useful idiots to get their rage on. These battle lines are purposefully drawn in a virtual playpen so that absolutely nothing changes in the real world even if the Social Justice Warriors win. In the era of mass media, these things exist precisely because they’re a meaningless distraction. If they were anything else, there would be radio silence.


Meanwhile, the media profits by presenting the college-educated proles with clickbait and the politicians benefit by having legions of news-fed useful idiots. The elites know they’ve screwed the pooch economically thanks to globalism, crony capitalism, debt, you name it, but they don’t want to take the blame. So they engineer other issues on the deck of a sinking Titanic. No, it’s not globalism that’s making our lives worse; it’s institutional sexism. No, it’s not an issue that we can actually solve; it’s this illusive and invisible mythos of privilege that can only be fought with a hashtag campaign on twitter.


And here I sit as a young man and blue collar worker with a useless and unused Bachelor’s Degree, trying to figure out my own opportunities in life, but finding few. I wonder, who the hell is actually advocating for labor these days? It’s not the feminists, Social Justice Warriors, or the tri-gender otherkin on tumblr. All the true blue Marxists who would be tearing down the banking system were bounced out of the protest for having inadequately pale skin pigmentation and a dangler between their legs.


Hmmm. I wonder who orchestrated that…

GamerGate and Media Bias

GamerGaters are justifiably pissed off at the amount of misinformation the media currently manufactures about their current social cause. And let’s not beat around the bush. Yes, the media is pumping out misinformation in a coordinated attack:


When the UK Telegraph spins Zoe’s sexual liaisons with five insiders of the indie game/journalism scene into… “her former boyfriend posted online accusations of infidelity: he claimed she had cheated on him with a games journalist” …then you know you something isn’t quite right. When every other news outlets sides with Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian outright, and claims that their respective attacks were driven by a GamerGate proponent, without any evidence to back up those claims, then you know something is wrong. And when the press focuses on Social Justice Warriors receiving blowback, calling it “harassment”, but neglects the doxing and hacking received by proponents of GamerGate, then you must realize that this isn’t the result of journalists making an unintentional mistake, but purposeful creation of a fictional narrative. It’s not as if it’s difficult to do research in order to find out the how and why of GamerGate. It isn’t difficult to get the facts or the timeline right, since InternetAristocrat and many others have already done the legwork explaining it.


In this way, GamerGaters have had their eyes opened to the way multiple media outlets repeat the same, false story. But there is more to media’s mouthpieces than a thousand voices screaming the same lines about GamerGate. The problem, as is always the case, goes deeper.


Let’s backtrack and talk about media itself.


We live in an age of mass consumer capitalism, and whether you like it or not is another debate for another time. In this system, new products and services, and especially new tech, are generated all the time. The likelihood of you walking around aimlessly and discovering these things in a storefront somewhere is next to nil. One job of the media is to make you aware of these products and services that could potentially improve your life, but would otherwise go overlooked.


We also live in democracies of varying structure. Yes, the US is technically a republic and technically the UK is a constitutional monarchy, but we vote for representatives and various local laws. The media’s job is to inform us of these approaching votes and how these issues are significant so that we may participate rationally.


We also have social issues both at home and abroad. There are plenty of people willing to help, if not to build a house than to donate a dollar. Ideally, the media is to make us aware of these things so that we may even out some of the world’s rough spots.


We also live in a global world with global concerns. The media’s job is to tell us of these faraway things so that we may prepare in our own way.


In an ideal world, the media is an entity aligned with True Neutral. It informs us of necessary products and services that we would otherwise miss. It would tell us of social and global issues while providing a level political platform to express ideas.


But we do not live in that world. We live in a world where advertising moguls have developed keen psychological tricks to make you want to buy a product. The political side of media has thrown off any guise of neutrality and has instead polarized into competing 5 Minutes of Hate sessions taking place in separate, blue and red colored rooms. Opinion isn’t given its skeptical consideration in either, and is instead expressed as fact. In this world, spreading the word about social issues isn’t a means to a greater end, but now has become an end unto itself. Hashtag campaigns and celebrity endorsements now do nothing but to spread awareness of those campaigns and celebrities. Global issues are swayed in favor of each political narrative. Outrage posts are produced to galvanize the Social Justice Warriors, producing nothing but anger in them and money for the companies who have their ads on the sidebar.

Standard Oil


Some time ago, the media complex realized how much power it held, and immediately stopped being a neutral party to society and politics. Now, it is the fourth branch of government with its tentacles in everything. Remember from school the old photos of Standard Oil, the one with the octopus? So the story goes, their power and influence over a valuable resource made them a strong political and social power. Now, media is the new Standard Oil because the new valuable resource is you. Your wallet. Your vote. Even your thoughts. What you saw above regarding GamerGate is evidence of monopolistic collusion.


But then there are two questions: how can they just manufacture this narrative and why do they do it? First, let’s examine the how:


Reality is not black and white. Instead, it is a grey realm of actions and consequences. Sometimes those consequences are “good”. Sometimes those consequences are “bad”. Perspective decides what’s which.


The best example I can think of is this question: was dropping two atomic bombs on Japan a good or bad thing? Well, it depends on who you ask. Each side has a story and its own considerations which make reality far more complex than any single side can portray.


However, if you’re the media then you can decide which side seems good or bad out by highlighting certain aspects on one and ignoring aspects of the other. Point out only the good on one side. Point out only the bad on the other. From the grey, you can create a stark black and white picture that diverges from reality, but is easy to believe. Good thing is, your readers will never know.


The examples within GamerGate are easy to point out. With Zoe Quinn, just ignore the fact that she fucked around with FIVE guys in the indie game and surrounding industries, thus belittling the criticism against her. Then, highlight the negative reaction of GamerGate, and even exaggerate it by calling it harassment. Highlight the gender of Gamer’s as white and male. Ignore minorities and #NotYourShield to the contrary. Highlight the harassment received by Social Justice Warriors. Ignore Social Justice Warriors doing it to others.


From a blended reality comes a story with a clear hero and villain, a story that is easy to side with or against. Are these issues far more complex than that? Absolutely. Does each side have their own story? Yup. But you will never hear both because this is how the media works: make a story that people can believe in and get mad at, put some adds on the sidebar, profit.


But is that profit all there is? By now you must be asking: why GamerGate or why games in general? Sure, politics and current events are filtered through some kind of lens, but why is the battlefront here of all places?


It seems strange that the media blitz would end with GamerGate when gamers themselves are the most plugged-in demographic around and therefore the most capable of detecting manufactured bullshit. Asking demanding a source is standard operating procedure on nearly every game forum on the internet. If you don’t back up your statements, you get run out of town.


And gamers themselves are largely politically neutral, excluding the Social Justice Warriors. This neutrality comes from gamers either not having any interest in politics to begin with, or being smart enough to realize how political radicalism usually leads to dead-end cul-de-sacs. They don’t tolerate crap from either party, whether it’s from conservatives hammering games for their violence or Social Justice Warriors doing the same for supposed sexism.


Most of all, gamers just want to be left alone to do what they like – a rather libertarian, live and let live philosophy. Some are somewhat conservative due to feminism’s influence on gaming. Some are somewhat liberal due to the economic times we live in. Rarely do you see radicalism from gamers because politics isn’t the primary point of gaming, unless of course you’re a Social Justice Warrior.


So why would the media put so much effort into denouncing and smearing this niche when there’s so little profit and so much resistance? Why the sudden shitfest? It’s not just tumblr, is it?




While I’ve previously stated that the media has stopped being a neutral party and instead has claimed its own powers, what I didn’t mention, purposefully, was the political ideology of this entity. Some might have guessed it. The Anti-GamerGate side makes no sense otherwise.


The thing that many GamerGaters haven’t understood is that the thousand mouths speaking in the same voice has been going on for a while. The current Anti-GamerGate narrative isn’t the only narrative. In fact, it is merely the latest chapter of an epic that has been going on for hundreds, if not thousands of years. That epic is The Great Story of oppression and privilege, of slavery and colonialism, of racial oppression and misogyny, and of white supremacy and male supremacy. If you could condense our world’s history into a novel, The Great Story would be it, and it is a novel written by the ideological left.


The universities teach The Great Story as part of history, sociology, journalism, economics, and women’s and minority studies, just to name a few. The young graduates of these universities want to change the world and right the wrongs as told in The Great Story. It is The Great Story which transforms them into the infamous Social Justice Warriors.


It is through the lens of The Great Story that our current events are told. When Social Justice Warriors enter journalism, whether it be games journalism or otherwise, they selectively ignore and highlight aspects which go along with The Great Story.


It is why George Zimmerman was described as a “white Hispanic”, a term never used before, and was cast as a washed-out wannabe cop with a chip on his shoulder who beat his wife and supposedly molested a little girl, and it was why Trayvon was cast as an innocent boy who had absolutely nothing to do with the circumstances that led to his death. It was why the Westboro Baptist Church, with a congregation so small that it couldn’t fill a city bus, got hundreds of hours of national news coverage several years ago. It is why Putin is the biggest jerk in the universe. Ferguson, Ukraine, Ebola. All these issues are covered by selective readings which fit into The Great Story, when in reality these issues are not one-sided and far more complex.


And you might believe The Great Story. That’s fine, however, I will ask that you take a moment to think about your position, because the selective reading of these recent events in the gaming community didn’t start here, nor will it end here. The people who are feeding obvious bullshit claims about GamerGate are also the ones claiming truth to The Great Story as well. Doesn’t that seem suspicious?


The Great Story is the reason why the media has picked an obvious side on this matter. To them, video gaming is the realm of mostly white men – a mini-enclave and relic of Patriarchy that must be dismantled, per the plot of The Great Story. That is why Social Justice Warriors were so intent on establishing a foothold here in the first place and changing the landscape to suit their preferences. It wasn’t that they liked or even played games (Anita, looking at you); they merely wanted to conquer the next land.


This is why GamerGate is happening, and why it’s not a small, isolated issue. The Social Justice Warriors don’t want profit; they want to win, and they have won, up until this point.


If you don’t believe in The Great Story, or even if you want to keep the tale out of your hobby so that you may be left alone, then GamerGate is truly your last stand. Schools, business, politics, and the entertainment industry have already been claimed by the Social Justice Warriors, however it is here where they will meet the most effective resistance. Those of us that don’t believe the manufactured narrative posses independent minds by definition, and it is the independent mind that makes its own story by its own conclusions. This is why GamerGate hasn’t lost yet and it is why the thousand voices scream the loudest.


I believe a message needs to be sent to the Social Justice Warriors and their allies. Their zeal and their previous victories don’t give them the clearance to inhabit every realm that they desire. They need to understand that their views aren’t appropriate in gaming. And finally, I believe that The Great Story needs a plot twist.

The Problem With Politically Correct Fiction

Fiction takes place in the imagination, but that doesn’t mean that literally anything goes simply because it’s imaginary. To every story, there is a suspension of disbelief – a cloud of willing delusion that allows the reader to get into the story by tossing rationality out the window.


Of course there is magic in Lord of the Rings. In that universe, magic exists, and if a critic were to stand up at a sci-fi convention and proclaim, “I just can’t get into LoTR because this magic stuff just doesn’t exist in real life,” then they’d be laughed out on their ass. Fiction isn’t supposed to mimic real life, otherwise it wouldn’t be fiction.


We have no problem with Thor wielding a flying hammer because we’ve accepted it as part of the story. Gods in that universe exist, the Nordic Gods specifically, Thor being one of them, and godlike weapons just… do that kind of stuff. But fiction must have some internal consistency. If [Token Love Interest] started flying around too with absolutely no explanation given, then the confusion would kick us out of the story. There must be some laws regarding fantastic elements of the story.


However, there are expectations and assumptions that we take in to every story from our real-life experiences.


We assume in the Avengers universe that most cars run on gasoline. We also assume that there is air on Earth and that the physics, when not contorted by superheroes, functions in similar ways to our own world. These aspects of the world are never explicitly stated, and they don’t need to be, because if they were then we’d be in for a twelve hour movie. Instead, we assume that everyday objects in fiction act as everyday objects in real life. If they suddenly don’t, then we run into problems.


If we were to watch the Avengers and see [Love Interest] fill the escape car with vegetable oil instead of gas, with no explanation given, we’d say to ourselves, “Wait, so do all cars run on vegetable oil in this world? What’s the point of that? Everything else works the same. We saw the jet planes use gas. I don’t get it.”


That, “I don’t get it moment,” is the moment where the story falls apart. The suspension of disbelief is broken, even though we just saw Thor fly across the ocean in the previous scene. You assumed cars ran on gas because everything else looked the same.


To put it all in simpler terms: while there are assumptions we must leave behind to enjoy fiction (Thor’s hammer makes him fly), there are also expectations that we can’t help but take with us (cars run on gasoline). The proper balance between the two creates a story that we can get lost in, but one that doesn’t need to spell out that universe’s laws of physics.


And these expectations are what makes the craft of fiction so much harder (though not impossible) for your average Social Justice Warrior or Politically Correct Writer. If you’ve spent at least some of your life outdoors and in the company of other people then you’d see for yourself how different groups of people, especially the sexes, have different attributes, both physically and psychologically. Our experience reinforce stereotypes, which might be wrong, but in many cases are right. There are things we don’t see, like rainbow coalitions with every race and sex/sexual orientation, Asian football players, or women the size of the Hulk. And it is precisely these views, gained from our own experience, which clash against the egalitarian fiction that the Social Justice Warrior creates.Their view of real life people revolves around human equality. They believe that the abilities and psychologies between all races and genders is pretty much the same, and that the difference between race and sex ultimately comes down to superficial aesthetics and some internal plumbing.


That may be great for inclusiveness, but it makes the storytelling process harder, not easier..


For example, has it ever seemed odd to you when a crime drama or thriller busts out a class-A hacker, that hacker happens to be a girl? It’s odd because you’ve never seen a class A girl hacker. Heck, you’d be hard pressed to find a class A girl programmer in real life, given how computer science is mostly a man’s game. You’ve never seen such a thing in your life and yet politically-correct fiction presents this over and over as if it’s reality. At some point, you notice the disconnect between your expectations and the fictional world, and there goes your suspension of disbelief.


What’s interesting is that this fictional world can also have cyborgs and aliens and dragons, and yet this largely mundane aspect can kick us out of the story because, like I said above, there are assumptions we must leave behind and there are expectations we can’t help but take with us. Aliens and cyborgs are okay, but a woman acting contrarily to every other woman we’ve ever met in our everyday lives, without sufficient reason, is not. If there is no reason, then we see such things as explicit endorsements from their creators of what the world (both fictional and real) should be like, rather than what is.


The irony is that fiction that more accurately aligns with real world expectations and assumptions, even if they are supposedly racist and misogynistic in certain aspects, will cause less friction with our willful suspensions of disbelief. They might not be better stories, per se, but they will be easier to get lost in.

Why Social Justice Warriors Suck Part 4: The Social Justice Singularity of Insanity

Another toxic component of the Social Justice Warrior psychology is not just attacking perceived oppression and injustice through witch hunts, or about finding a purpose through contrived oppression, but about gaining status among other Social Justice Warriors for extra validation.


If everyone is a special snowflake then no one is special. If you’re a Social Justice Warrior trying to find validation for your meaningless life, and all the other Social Justice Warriors are trying to do the same, then the real threat to your metal state isn’t the racist, neo-nazi skinhead, but your fellow warriors beating you at your own game. In order to succeed as a Social Justice Warrior, you need to find a way to distance yourself from them. No, actually, you should find a way to out-social justice them. That means one-upping the social justice warriors around you. Not only are you Holy, but you are Holier than all the others.


For example: let’s say you’re not racist and treat people as individuals. That’s fine, but everyone else in your clique does that too. So, to get over on them, you also must like the oppressed, and not just like the oppressed, but prefer the company of the oppressed, and not just prefer the company of the oppressed, but hate everyone that isn’t the oppressed, and not just hate everyone that isn’t the oppressed, but you must identify as a member of the oppressed, and not just identify as a member of the oppressed, but believe that you are a member of the oppressed born into the wrong body. Yes, that’s a thing. The tumblrists call it Transethnic.


This presents a problem: because every Social Justice Warrior tries to out-justice the other Social Justice Warriors, their beliefs can only become more extreme. There is no other choice; the social justice warriors can’t beat the others in a status competition if they go against the holy doctrine progressive narrative.


Every school of leftist thought does this against itself. Feminists of old, for example, might be confused by the recent development of body acceptance and anti-fat shaming. If the old guard made up of aging hippies, yuppies and healthfood nuts believes that obesity is harmful, then, according to fourth wave feminism, they are bigots, sexists, and patriarchal allies, or worse: conservatives (never mind that the old guard was burning bras before the millennials were born). White, liberal, anti-racists do this too. They not only seek social justice justice for other oppressed people, but they flog themselves over the privileges they have. The more they hate their race, the holier they appear. And if you were wondering, trying to stick out from the social justice crowd also explains why white, middle class, tumblrists constantly invent new sexualities and identities that are literally insane by our current-day standards. But you just wait a few decades…


This zealous push for increasing purity and status gives rise to more radical ideologies, which generates even more radical ideologies, which spirals downward into greater radicalism. Given enough time, and assuming it doesn’t stop, the ideology of the liberals/leftists/social justice warriors (whatever you prefer to call them) will accelerate to increasing irrationality until the bayonets turn toward everyone, then, when everyone is either in line or dead, they will turn to each other for not being holy enough. It is the memetic equivalent of a malignant tumor.


I’m not sure who you are. You might be a moderate, tolerant liberal in this day and age. However, you would’ve been considered a radical leftist 50 years ago, and you will be considered a radical conservative 50 years from now. If you haven’t been labeled on oppressor yet by today’s Social Justice Warriors then, trust me, you will be. Time just hasn’t caught up with you yet. The steamroller of progress is coming for you, and it will get to you.


That is, unless we can stop the psychology behind it.

Why Social Justice Warriors Suck Part 3: The Cowardice of Bullies

In my previous posts on the subject, I explained that social justice warriors are weaklings with no sense of purpose except for the fictional crusades they manufacture, and how they inject those crusades into every discourse and media, whether it belongs there or not.


Both these things together make social justice warriors into the worst kind of people: pussies looking for a fight. They want to spread their ideology for validation’s sake against the oppressors of the land, but, because they’ve been sheltered all their lives, they wear psychic armor of glass, crumpling at the nearest hint of actual oppression.


The perfect example of this was tumblr’s hilariously bad attempt at attacking 4chan on July 4th. They fought the only way Social Justice Warriors can truly fight; they mobbed the boards and shamed people. 4chan, being 4chan, fought back with a much more potent weapon: their worst nightmares triggers. In the end, the tumblrists retreated to have their existential meltdowns without adversely harming 4chan whatsoever. At least the trolls got to bring their guns to tumblr’s knife-fight.


You know who acts like this in real life? The bullies with no backbone, who feign toughness and swagger until they receive the lightest tap on the nose. The Social Justice Warriors, like the schoolyard bully, are simply a bunch of narcissistic cowards (but with social messiah complexes), who’ve never been in a real fight. They will light up twitter against the latest perceived sexism and racism in the industry (from the safety of their computer screens), get people fired and blacklisted, get games shut down and edited to suit their image, but the moment their tactics are used on them, attacking their reputations and their livelihoods, then suddenly mobbing your opponents is a no good very bad thing, and we need to sit down and have a discussion, we need to stop the harassment.


Sorry, but I don’t buy it at all. If the social justice warriors truly knew the meaning of justice and fairness then they would have stopped themselves from posting hit piece after hit piece against gamers for the last few years. They wouldn’t have wrote off criticism as bigotry or used minorities as human shields. If they understood true justice then they would have gracefully backed down from the conflict, maybe even admitting that they overstepped some bounds.


But they haven’t, and they won’t. They keep falling back and doubling-down because they’re cowards with egos on the line.


Personally, I feel no pity for them. You poke a hornet’s nest, you’ll get stung, and no one but the least self-aware should be surprised at that. This reaction has been a long time coming, and it needs to happen. A lesson must be learned.



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Dealing With the Unenlightened

“They want to be the agents, not the victims, of history. They identify with God’s power and believe they are godlike. That is their basic madness. They are overcome by some archtype; their egos have expanded psychotically so that they cannot tell where they begin and the godhead leaves off. It is not hubris, not pride; it is inflation of the ego to its ultimate — confusion between him who worships and that which is worshipped. Man has not eaten God; God has eaten man.”

– The Man in the High Castle.


For example:




This may sound like an unrelated question, but does this person seem “enlightened” to you? Okay, don’t laugh.


No, of course they’re not the pilgrim found at the top of the mountain.


But first: what do I mean about enlightenment? You can go back and forth with differing schools of thought on the subject, but here is my personal (opinionated) answer: enlightenment is a state of mind which allows you to see the world as it is. It doesn’t require great intellect, wisdom, or experience, though all of them can help. Rather, the central core which uplifts intellect to enlightenment is the clarity of sight – the ability to observe things without personal bias.


The problem is that we all have our biases. These biases are bound to our ego, which attaches to little pet ideologies as comforts and validations. The ego believes it has the powers of God, powers to shape the world in its image. The ego holds on to childish fantasies and cannot stand when someone, or even reality itself, stands in the way of their dreams. When confronted, it attacks with ferocity and insults, like the example above. Ego – that is the tale-tell sign of the unenlightened.


I believe we are different. “Taking the red pill” isn’t just about gaining new knowledge, but shattering the ego that held onto the old. We are lucky that our misfortune came with wisdom (or that our fortune came with a price, depending on how you look at it). And while we haven’t reached the apex of complete understanding, we have taken a step beyond most people. Granted, there are still some drama queens kings in the comments sections of heartiste and RoK with much learning to do, but for every comment posted I’m sure there are a handful of unseen guys who know better.


Finally, here’s my suggestion on how to deal with the unenlightened: treat them like children. The divide between the enlightened and the unenlightened is as wide as the gap between a parent and a child. Does a parent scream at a child the way a child screams at them? No, so let the unenlightened rage while you remain calm. Does a parent hold their child’s naive views as equal to their own? No, so let the unenlightened speak but don’t think you’re required to listen. Does a parent feel obligated to entertain the tantrum? No, so ignore them, go your own way.


There were times in the past when I got so wrapped up in youtube debates that I would think about what I’d say, what my opponent would likely respond with, and how I’d counter that response while I was at work or dinner, or even trying to sleep. My heart would race when I’d go to check my email, because I expected to see their username with one new comment. At the end of the day, what did all that accomplish? For the handful of people that I might have swayed, it cost me too much in personal anguish. I did that because I needed the validation. I needed something to do with my time. In the end, it wasn’t worth it and it made me a pathetic person from the constantly checking and validating of my ego.


Now, I couldn’t give a shit. I don’t view the comments section on youtube, and rarely anywhere else. Only a handful of times a year will I even write my own comment on someone else’s blog. Even though I’ve remained largely silent and observant, I have become far happier and far less invested in finding validation for my views.