Your Tolerance is Self-Serving – The Orlando Shooting

News of the Orlando shooting went around the office today. The usual canard was tossed out there by a typical SWPL: “It has nothing to do with religion. Some people are just homophobic assholes.”


Now, I work in a liberal city, at a liberal tech company. I came into the job on the assumption that this was hostile, SJW or SWPL territory, and that I’d keep every opinion to myself. I said nothing, but in my mind I had to ask them: “Just who are you trying to impress with that statement?”


Truly, to all the progressive, tolerant liberals out there, just who are you trying to impress with your reactionary defense of Islam? You know that Islam had a hand in this, just as it did in Paris, and San Bernardino. You’re saying such a statement to save face, but who are you saving face to? Our workplace has no Muslims. You’ve not made any of them feel better; they don’t exist. You’re not trying to defend any individual person that you personally know, perhaps a family member or friend. Truly, the only Muslims these people know are in the abstract, not actual flesh and blood people they have actually met. So why are you defending Islam when you have no stake in it?


Because being tolerant of Islam is fashionable at the moment and this person wants to remain fashionable, with the trends, in vogue. Truthfully, I like this person a lot, as a person, but you can’t have a more deluded and dangerous outlook when dealing with a threatening, foreign ideology. This whole self-serving piety that is Political Correctness is only going to excuse attacks like this in the future, and you will always overlook the warning signs because you don’t want to be racist.


I don’t have a personal axe to grind with this tragedy since gays and Muslims are not part of my pet projects. The fifty that died weren’t people I know, and so I have no personal stake in this, and you can call that callous but I call it honest. Nevertheless, I don’t want a society stewing in fear and violence. I want to be able to live peacefully and happily, and it just so happens that mass shootings have a way of ruining that. Even from a purely selfish perspective, these shootings are undesirable. No one wants this to happen.


But it will keep happening if tolerance gets in the way of security. The SWPL and SJW’s need to realize that tolerance isn’t a universal thing. It’s a conditional thing. You are tolerant when it is reciprocal – when they are tolerant to you. You are tolerant to a point – when it is reasonable to do so. You don’t make it a universal commandment that everyone must follow all the time because opening your arms to everyone means you’re going to get stabbed in the back by people who want to do you harm.

3 thoughts on “Your Tolerance is Self-Serving – The Orlando Shooting

  1. Some people on the Right have thought that a Muslim slaughter of gays would cause a dilemma for the SJWs. The dilemma is as follows:

    Over the past few years, homosexuality has been elevated to the highest American value. It is hard to go anywhere without seeing the rainbow flag. And homosexuals are treated with the utmost reverence on television. commericals and the movies. It is officially cool to be gay.

    And, yet, mass Muslim immigration has been championed as a positive for both Europe and America. However, Muslims tend to be not so friendly to homosexuals. They have a tendency to execute homosexuals.

    So who wins? Homosexuals or Muslims?

    In the SJW’s world, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that homosexuality and mass immigration both reduce the White population. Their goal is the genocide of the White race. When you understand their end goal, these apparent contradictions make sense. – RAMZPAUL.

    They’re impressing each other by how consistent their anti-whiteness is.

  2. Sure, the more you tolerate, the more danger you have to accept on the other side. The one never comes without the other. When will people ever learn?

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