How Lifestyle and Persona Striving Explain SJW’s in Tech

In a previous post, I explained akinokure’s hypothesis on the 3 different variants of strivers:

Career Strivers focus on money as a display of status.

Lifestyle Strivers focus on their hobbies and trends as a display of status.

Persona Strivers focus on their personality, uniqueness, or “special snowflake”-isms as a display of status and individuality.


I believe that the three different types of strivers help expand on how SJW’s are entering and leeching off the tech fields.


When you look at tech, you’re looking at career strivers. Most of these strivers became programmers and developers to make money, instead of going to school for “marketing” or some other bullshit degree which would have resulted in a lot more tail. There isn’t much glamor to being a programmer or a network engineer compared to say a musician or photographer.


They figure they’ll gain status by landing a good job with six figures, and getting the girl by providing the giant house that comes with that salary. When it comes to competing with others, the careerist programmer does so by their work, either the product of that work or their paycheck from it. They generally know they’re on the lower rungs on the social ladder, so they don’t bother with competing against others in the arena of fads or social trends. It’s always down to brass tacks with them.


They generally are the Myers-Briggs types to not really care about the privilege or oppression narratives that SJW’s preach. If the topic doesn’t involve getting the project done faster and better, then a career striver is going to consider it a waste of time and money.


Actually, the careerists are more likely to be reactionaries, or just generally too smart for Social Justice. These guys are pragmatic and logical – since you have to be in that line of work. Because Social Justice doesn’t offer them anything and comes with heaps of inconsistencies, they’re going to generally avoid, or even outright hate it.


The Codes of Conduct, and privilege lessons, and sexual harassment stuff don’t come from them, but this is where the Social Justice Warriors enters the stage.


The two groups espouse completely different live values. While one values both financial security and the work needed to accomplish it, the other group values status and moral superiority. Get it out of your mind that techies and SJW’s are playing the same game on the same ball-field. They’re not.


Social status is the goal-post of the SJW’s, not wealth. If they truly wanted wealth, then they would not have taken the easy class in Oppression Studies. Much to the contrary, they don’t want to be seen as the tech nerd who works 10 hours a day in the shade of their cubicle, but instead as a trendy, geeky hipster who’s “doing their part” to make the world a better place (but not by actually providing value through coding or development or engineering).


The tech industry is one of the only remaining productive outputs of the American economy, if you don’t count Hollywood. The SJW’s realize that tech is the last great business venture in the western world, and while they might not want wealth, the status of the tech industry calls to them. That ability for technology to touch everyone’s lives, and the way it can shift people’s minds, are what makes technology attractive to the SJW. They see tech as merely another way to spread social justice values; all the technical stuff is secondary to their crusade.


One problem: they can’t code, which means they’re basically useless in the eyes of career strivers. To get in, they need to blend in. They attend the basic classes and cons, or invent new labels for themselves like “Social Media Guru” or some other garbage term which seems techy enough not to raise some obvious flags. They can talk the talk, a little. They might be able to walk the walk, a little, but their main goal is any foothold of perceived authority.


Once they are welcomed into the community, their power is still in the wind, so they make themselves “useful” by using their social justice “expertise” to outline a problem that doesn’t exist, and oh-so humbly suggest solutions to the alleged problem, whilst also making themselves appear as the only one capable of solving it.


“Tech has a white male/diversity/sexism problem,” they claim, “I propose a code of conduct, that I have written (which gives me sole power of authority but really you should skip that part). It will make our community better [citation needed], welcome more diverse folks to coding [citation needed], and make better code because of that diversity [citation needed].”


They may try to appeal to the careerist’s sensibilities in upping the value of the product or promoting synergy of the workplace, but the actual intent is to wrestle control out of the hands of the careerists. The SJW’s want power over others, and because they can’t do that via skill they do so by moral authority. However, the justification for their actions is based on a lie. There actually was no diversity problem to begin with.


Those dreaded white cis nerds are careerists, and careerists would take literally anyone who has the chops to do the work right. It doesn’t matter if you’re a quadruple amputee who speaks by blowing a kazoo stuck in your nose so long as you don’t produce a broken product. In the end, money is still money. Careerists don’t care who or what you are so long as the careerist themselves can keep working and generating income. Everything else is superfluous, including being racist/sexist, and including Social Justice.


The SJW’s in tech are merely snake oil salesmen, looking for another mark. They want you to buy into the idea that they’re useful when they’re really parasites. The only thing they truly have to offer is the façade of social justice, the faux aura of expertise, and the fake conviction of their proclamations, all in an effort to forward their own personal pseudo-careers, and they’re banking on the hope that no one calls their bluff. The good news is that their supposed authority is indeed that: supposed.


If the careerists in tech were to see past their lies and empty assurances, then the SJW would be revealed as merely a useless entity at best, and a destructive distraction at worst. The sooner people realize this, the sooner SJW’s lose their power.

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