Even if the SJW’s Win, They’ll Lose

Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB informant and journalist who later defected to Canada during the cold war. In an interview, he was asked what would happen to all leftists, hippies, and other Marxist/Leninist types in United States and Canada if their utopian vision were to ever come true. He said:


“Simply because the psychological shock when they will see in future what the beautiful society of equality and social justice means in practice, obviously they will revolt. They will be very unhappy frustrated people, and Marxist-Leninist regime does not tolerate these people. Obviously, they will join the ranks of dissenters; dissidents. Unlike the present United States, there will be no place for dissent in future Marxist-Leninist America. You can get popular like Daniel Elsburg and filthy rich like Jane Fonda for being a dissident, for criticizing your Pentagon. In future these people will simply be squashed like cockroaches for criticizing the government. Nobody is going to pay them nothing for their beautiful, noble ideas of equality. This they don’t understand and it will be the greatest shock for them, of course.”


Social Justice Warriors don’t realize many things, but primarily what they don’t understand is the dynamics of power. Just because the system itself allows SJW’s to protest, and even occasionally bleats some SJW/Progressive tropes themselves, doesn’t mean that the system is for them. The attributes that SJW’s posses, like their disaffection of the current system, and their quickness to outrage are only mere tools to be manipulated by greater powers. If SJW’s exist, it is because they useful. Once that usefulness changes, they face the risk of annihilation. If history is any indication, then the SJW’s success will ultimately be their undoing, because when the war is over, the warrior becomes a liability.


The Establishment is a master of jujitsu. They have the power to turn a rival group’s energy around to serve the Establishment’s ends, like you saw with Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party (both were co-opted by their masters, the PC progressives and the Republican establishment respectively). The SJW’s aren’t a threat to them right now, because the SJW’s are directed to attack the Establishment’s competition.


But let’s assume that through the Establishment wheeling’s and dealings, they eventually give the SJW’s the world they desire. Perhaps as payment, or perhaps as a ploy to pacify them, but nevertheless the SJW’s get what they want. They will get their revolution. The problem is that no matter what this world looks like after the change it will still be run by an Establishment, and although perhaps a different Establishment, an Establishment nonetheless.


The SJW foot soldiers who fought for the new world will see that, despite all their work, the new world will still have rulers, and that they themselves will not be those rulers. Class divisions will still exist because a progressive utopia doesn’t prevent the elites from amassing ridiculous amounts of wealth. Yes, the progressives say otherwise, but this has never, ever, in the history of the world, been the case.


Racism and sexism will still exist, because people will still make judgments and see patterns. There will still be some form on inequality between the abled and less abled because it is inherent to the natural order. And despite all the effort the SJW’s put forward the challenge the old rules, they will find the new rules not to their liking.


They will feel used. They will feel as if all their struggle had been for nothing. They will therefore become the most outspoken dissenters of the new regime, and thus the regime’s biggest threat.


The SJW’s will become like Al-Qaida. The terrorist group known as Al-Qaida was used by the United States as an proxy force to fight the Soviet Union invading Afghanistan. Because the US provided training and weapons, Al-Qaida completed their mission, pushed back the Soviets, but then turned on their former masters. They became enemy #1 to the United States only a few decades after being a secured ally in the region.


If you are the new Establishment, you cannot allow this to happen. After the revolution, the Establishment will see all the SJW’s who brought them to power as now liabilities to the new order, and they will be eliminated.


This has happened over and over throughout history when groups like Communists came to power. Stalin not only killed his enemies, but also the allies that might stab him in the back. When Mao gained power, he did the same. The infighting between Marxists in East Asia and Africa showed the exact trend. For revolutionaries, the revolution never ends. They live in a perpetual dimension of conflict, where just because you win, doesn’t mean you don’t get executed.


Let this be a warning to the SJW’s and activists with delusions of grandeur. The cis-hetero-white-supremacist-patriarchy may be the target in this conflict, but in the next one, the target will be you.


2 thoughts on “Even if the SJW’s Win, They’ll Lose

  1. It’s the old myth of every revolution, everything would be “better”. Most rebells are spoild children who can’t stand any authority at all, they have to be the authority themselves. They can’t distinguish between rational and irrational authority and when they become the new establishment they are way more irrational than any old estabilishment ever could.

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