No More Guilt

Too many guys these days, especially younger ones, succumb to the fairytales of the left and end up breaking themselves down for supposed privileges they have, or alleged wrongdoings their ancestors made.


All it amounts to is another form of original sin to bludgeon you over the head with and make you in debt to others for no actual crime. Guys get chastised for being men, for being white, for being straight, for simply being. If you are a young man who is just developing a sense of self and self-esteem, and even some confidence, you’re going to be hit hard by these allegations. It’s difficult enough to form your own sense of self in the turbulent times of adolescence without the added pressure of every minority and advocate berating you for nothing you, yourself have ever done.


It’s no surprise that many young men crumble against these tactics. They supplicate and capitulate in order make amends for things they haven’t done, losing their confidence, their self-esteem, and their essence in the process.


In an ironic twist, slaves in ages past may have had chains around them, but many couldn’t be broken in spirit, while the descendants of the supposed slavers are broken psychologically so that they don’t even need chains. It is one thing to want freedom, but it’s another thing to stomp one’s will so far that it leaves them without the ability to conceptualize freedom. A slave can be set free, but one trapped in the mind is forever lost. That is what it’s important to never surrender in the first place.


Social Justice heaps criticisms on the White Straight Cisgender Male, accounting for privilege to an absurd degree that there is no way one can win even by playing by all their rules, because the rules themselves are contradictory.


In fact, those that craft the ideology don’t want you to follow the rules. They don’t want you to express any agency over your life whatsoever, because they know your individual submission won’t solve the world’s problems. Your personal sacrifice won’t make the typical tumblrina better as an individual. Instead, the makers of these ideologies simply want to control you the same way a conman controls you – by making it seem as if you owe them for something. That way, you’ll do whatever they ask.


But the one thing Social Justice Advocates don’t want you to know is that their entire shtick, like the con-artist, relies on your compliance.


There is nothing they can physically do to make you submit. They can yell and shame, and scream all they want, but they cannot force it on you. You have to take it upon yourself to accept the debt that they give you. It is entirely your choice. You don’t have to, and you shouldn’t. Keep your pride and wave away such things because you will ruin yourself otherwise.


If you are white, simply look at history. The crimes that your ancestors supposedly committed are not exclusive to your race or ancestry. Slavery, for example, was practiced throughout all of history, whether it be from primitive tribes in the jungle or for the purposes of building civilization. Whites were not the first slavers, or the worst, but they were the last. And is colonialism only exclusive to whites? All races and civilizations had empires, and some of those empires brutally oppressed their subjects; some did not. If they had the seafaring technology of the Europeans at the time, would China, India, or Persia not do the same thing? Of course they would, because every civilization did so in some capacity. Are their descendants culpable for what their ancestors did?


There’s nothing wrong with appreciating your ancestry and heritage. Anyone who says otherwise wants you under their control, and no one but yourself has the power to take away that pride. Let it give you peace and happiness, and allow you to continue to do great things.


If you are a man, simply look at your form and body, and what you’re capable of. It is not your fault that nature itself is unequal, and scattered high cards and low between both man and woman. Your strength does not make others weak. Your cunning does not make them slow. Your intellect does not make others stupid. Your advantages, whatever they might be, do not contribute to the disadvantages of others, and know that disadvantaging yourself does not make the disadvantages of others simply go away.



You don’t owe anyone for anything, except your parents and your ancestors for building your path up to this point. If the society that your ancestors built advantages you, then their work was not a failure, but a success. It was their gift to you and not something to be ashamed of. Just as the Chinese are advantaged and China, and Russians advantaged in Russia, and Brazilians advantaged in Brazil, there is nothing wrong for you to be advantaged in the home of your parents and family.


But let’s change gears for a second. What if the left is absolutely right about everything? Ask yourself this: So what?


Are their claims, even if true, enough justification to sacrifice your one and only current life to others, who may or may not even deserve it, and who may or may not take advantage of it themselves? If you are given these advantages in life, then isn’t the rational option to utilize them? If you do give up your potential, how is that going to help others? And finally: is there no other way to make change than to tear yourself down in the process?


Those are the questions are never asked, and they should be, because doing so highlights the absurdity of the privilege narrative. Yes, people are born with advantages, and some people are advantaged in the region of their birth. But so what? It does not follow that one ought to give up their advantages for simply possessing them.


The truth is, those experts in privilege studies don’t want your allegiance, or your contribution, and they don’t want you to be happy; they want you controlled, by your own guilt. It has gotten to the point where you essentially have two choices: appease those who hate you, or be your own man. What is it going to be?


“They do not want to own your fortune, they want you to lose it.

They do not want to succeed, they want you to fail.

They do not want to live, they want you to die.

They desire nothing, they hate existence, and they keep running, each trying not to learn that the object of his hatred is himself.”

– John Galt

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  1. When your followers are the garbage at the bottom of the gene pool you have to find some way to pull the top down because this scum is never going to get better. They can all kiss my ass. I love my ancestors and this scum is NOTHING to me. If they don’t like it then GET OUT!

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