Social Justice Warriors suck Pt 4: There is no Justice in Social Justice

For all their talk of “justice”, the people who call themselves Social Justice Warriors cannot dispense justice primarily because they lack the ability for moral/ethical calculations. These calculations, when used in the pursuit of justice, require one to look at the objective (or near objective) harm that an action causes based on those principles, then choose an appropriate, equivalent punishment. If the punishment is too harsh for the crime, as in we kill a child for stealing some candy, then justice is not served. If the punishment is too lenient, such as giving someone probation for out and out murder, then justice still isn’t served. Justice is about coming to balance between the harm caused in the crime and the harm inflicted by punishment.


The problem is, SJW’s don’t seem to appropriately weigh the harm in any crime or punishment. They overblow the perceived harm that others cause and ignore the harm they themselves inflict in return. This leads them to not only taking an eye for an eye, but taking an eye, a tooth, a finger and a kidney, for an eye.


This video is pretty old at this point, but it is a clear example of what I mean. This man’s indiscretion was using the word nigger and other racial slurs. Despite the fact that he was rude and incited a great deal of anger, ask yourself: What physical harm has he done?


First off, he didn’t cause any personal violence or property damage; all he said were words, words that hurt feelings, but that’s about it. Those words didn’t cast a magic spell, causing an avalanche or tidal wave or earthquake someone else in the world. Those words aren’t going to give someone cancer or cause a heart attack. Those words aren’t going to invoke the wrath of God to destroy the Earth, or, when broadcast into space, summon an alien invasion. Truly, the only thing those words cause are some hurt feelings.


Now, that doesn’t make saying these words acceptable, because manners, but at the end of the day there is little to no harm caused by these words. Life will go on. The Earth will still turn. The Sun will still burn.


In response, Social Justice Warriors sought out this man’s private information, informed his employer and got him fired, thereby causing him actual financial harm. The SJW’s then pursued the issue further and enacted a McCarthian-style interrogation against the employer on the grounds that “if there was one racist working there, who knows how many others still work there?”


On one hand, we have a few words spoken, causing harm to the degree of hurt feelings, while on the other we have a man who lost his job and a company that now faces the mob’s wrath. This isn’t justice, for justice would have been to inflict the equivalent punishment to the severity of the crime. Since his words did essentially nothing but break good etiquette, a scolding would have sufficed. Anything beyond that isn’t justice; it’s vengeance.


You can see this over and over when the SJW witch-hunt goes into full swing.


When two PUA’s were outed as coffee shop owners in in North Carolina, the crime they were accused of was having consensual sex with many women and talking anonymously about it. The harm they caused: none. The resulting punishment was publicly shaming them and causing them to lose their business, which would have been effectively no different than a mob boss extorting them for money.


When a Nobel Prize-winning scientist said an admittedly lame joke, the harm he caused was essentially nothing, but the punishment the SJW’s inflicted caused him to lose his job and reputation.


When a high-schooler criticized the University of Missouri and questioned the Michael Brown incident alongside an article offering a counter-opinion to his, the harm he caused was, again, essentially nothing, but now he has received death threats to such a degree that his family must hire an attorney.


For words, a man loses his job. For words, two men lose their business. For words, another man loses his scientific career. And for words, a young boy faces death threats and potential violence.


Over and over, example after example, we see Social “Justice” Warriors punishing people with such severity that it would make the Inquisition gag. Why is this?


Social “Justice” Warriors don’t know how to judge the severity of indiscretions because they have no moral, ethical, philosophical or religious principles to act as compass to guide them. I mean, you never hear SJW’s talk philosophy, only ideology: “Does preferring cishet women mean I’m transphobic?” Political Correctness is their ruling dogma, and PC treats social misdemeanors as cosmic felonies.


Second, SJW’s don’t have the self-awareness to critically look at their own actions to know whether their individual behavior is acceptable or not. Self-awareness requires some degree of reflection and even self-criticism, but SJW’s are more likely to blame everything else about the world for things going wrong rather than identifying their own flaws. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be SJW’s.


Along with lacking an awareness of themselves, they also lack awareness of others. Yes, all their moralizing aside, they seem to be unable to genuinely put themselves in someone else’s shoes to try to understand them, and thus understand how their punishment is going to affect others. “Try to understand a racist? Yeah right, shitlord. I already know you’re a horrible person.” It’s hard to get justice right when you don’t understand how actions will affect victims and criminals alike.


The only things the Social Justice Warrior has to guide them are feelings, feelings which have turned ultra-sensitive thanks to their PC ideology. If they feel something is wrong then it is wrong. If something feels really wrong then it must be really wrong, whether or not it actually causes any harm in reality. Nevertheless, the SJW will always use their personal anger as sole justification to attack. Add more SJW’s to the mix and you dilute responsibility through mob mentality: “It wasn’t me. Everyone else was doing it too!”


They initially demand an apology and publicly shame the criminal, but, because SJW’s are driven by feelings, they won’t stop until they feel better. Unfortunately, apologies don’t make them feel better. They’re still mad, so the SJW keeps turning the knife. The criminal resigning from their job doesn’t make the SJW feel better, so they go after the person’s family and friends. They make death threats, rape threats, censor and dox until their feelings are finally satiated after another life is torn apart.


It is a child’s version of justice, in which: I get to hurt you until I feel better. If the whole world worked like this way then every person would try to punish and out-punish everyone else, upping the severity of each reaction. This is not how to settle disputes in an orderly society, but it is a great way to tear everything to rubble.


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3 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors suck Pt 4: There is no Justice in Social Justice

  1. Words can only hit us, if we allow them to. But we shouldn’t be so harsh on people, it takes a lot of training until a mind is trained to the degree that words don’t affect us any more (at least not if we don’t want them to).

  2. The thing that caught my eye was the harm or lack of harm on both sides of the issue. The harm in these examples on the “Social Justice” side far outweighed anything done by the other. If that isn’t enough to raise A Red Flag, my question is what will ?

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