Democracy is Dead, but You Already Knew That

I know it’s old news by now but after Donald Trump’s recent wins, a gathering of the elites was held off the Georgia coast in a closed meeting, the purpose of which was to ascertain how to deal with the Donald:


“After Trump won the Michigan and Missouri primaries with strong numbers, the establishment went into panic mode. They arranged a meeting between execs of top technology companies Apple, Facebook, and Google, and the members of the GOP establishment including Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Ben Sasse and Kevin McCarthy.


The conspirators met on a private island off the coast of Georgia called Sea Island. Their goal? To plot how to stop the GOP front runner—Donald Trump. We don’t know what plans the elite concocted at this meeting because it was invitation-only. However, we may glean the nature of the plan from the events that followed.”


The ironic thing is, just about the only thing that right wingers and left wingers can truly agree on is the corruption in Government. Acknowledging that we are ruled by corrupt politicians, banks, and businessmen is the only non-partisan issue in our country. Sure, we might disagree on who exactly represents the villain of the day, but few would ever claim that the political process is without villains.


These powers have always had a hand in sculpting the next leader, but to see such blatant and anti-democratic dealings like the secret meeting above is almost a shock to me. It doesn’t surprise me that such things exist, but that the elites have grown so sloppy as to accidentally reveal them, or rather let them be revealed.


But what gets me is who else decided to join them. If the republican establishment alone held their meeting behind closed doors then I’d completely understand, because it would be an internal matter, but republicans weren’t the only people on Sutter Island, oh sorry Sea Island. Executives from top tech and social media companies, like Facebook, Apple, and Google allegedly also sat in on the meetings. Why would they need to be there? What contribution did they make? What stake do they hold in this election? I certainly don’t know.


The social media and tech powerhouses wouldn’t be there if they didn’t have something to gain by it, or something to protect from Trump. When a tech company donates (for example) 2 million dollars to a candidate, they’re not merely “giving” that money away, as if it was a form of charity. They’re instead investing that money for greater gains later on, either special contracts or exceptions from the law. Why else would someone just hand over millions of dollars? Calling it a political “donation” is a misnomer because it assumes the relationship is asymmetric rather than symbiotic.


We all know that Facebook compiles your personal details, and Google’s algorithms track your online search and spending habits. Once you start roping in some of the greatest corporate powers of our age to stop a potential democratically-elected leader, then it should be blatantly clear that there is more to this than just internal Republican party proceedings. In actuality, there is a huge wave of power gearing up against the only populist candidate on the ballot. It is then blatantly clear that the elites are at war, not with Trump, but with you. They may hate Trump because he’s popular, but they hate you more for giving him that popularity. In their eyes, you are a meat-machine, maybe a valuable meat-machine because you are also a worker and a consumer, but nevertheless you are still viewed as an economic unit rather than a human one, and mere economic units aren’t allowed to upset the system. You get to play a hand in it to make yourself feel better but the really important decisions are out of your hands. Hence why the establishment approves all the candidates for you.


But that which is chaotic and unnatural is unsustainable, and that which is unsustainable will inevitably end.


As I said in a previous post, the elites are becoming desperate, on top of going crazy. They live in a bubble that disassociates them from the real world and its consequences. Within that bubble, a mental state of hyper-competitiveness predominates. When that hyper-competitiveness gets too far or when it’s challenged by an unforeseen shift in the plan, it causes paranoia within the elites, and paranoia is merely intellectual fear. They’re afraid. The elites are afraid.

starship troopers its afraid

It’s afraid… It’s afraid!

They’ve had control for so long that they don’t know what it’s like not to, and that lack of control causes them great trauma.


The funny thing is, the end might be a lot closer than any of us originally anticipated. While the elites have developed a myriad of means to keep people controlled, they haven’t developed any alternatives in case they lose containment. Hubris and power made them believe they couldn’t fail. Once more people start breaking out of their blinders then it will essentially be over for the elites, because what else are the elites going to do? They don’t have a contingency plan.



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5 thoughts on “Democracy is Dead, but You Already Knew That

    • Indeed. I was told a few years ago that the State is merely a state of mind. In truth, I think we’re all a lot more powerful than we realize.

  1. “The social media and tech powerhouses wouldn’t be there if they didn’t have something to gain by it, or something to protect from Trump.”

    They got something to lose. Interesting. I wonder what it is.

    “they’re not merely “giving” that money away, as if it was a form of charity. They’re instead investing that money for greater gains later on”

    I never really thought of that Dave. A donation being more of an investment for future gain.

    (p.s. I did a review of your book finally

  2. What you’re seeing is the end of PC or the Western version of samizdat. At this point people see the system is doomed and those who were pretending to believe but didn’t really no longer need to pretend because they have nothing left to lose. They passed the point of no return but now they’re bankrupt. Their power of the purse has evaporated and the fake moralism of equalism where some pigs are more equal than others is now over. They can fight, but I doubt they will. I know these chickens and all they do is run. They’ll either start mass disorder and riots for revenge or some kind of War to cover their tracks when they run and hide. Rumors are flying they’ve built underground cities or bunkers underground. Sixteen tons of concrete and it can be a ready made tomb.

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