The Cancellation of Roosh’s International Meetup – What Happens Next?

Given the reaction last year of Roosh going to Canada, I’m not all that surprised about the backlash against the International Meetup, nor lies spread about it. However I wasn’t expecting this level of backlash, or this level of blatant falsehoods. It’s as if the media doesn’t even care that people can look up the source material. I don’t know what’s more disappointing, that the media doesn’t expect people to go to the source, or that people just don’t.


I mean, if Roosh really wanted to rape people, he wouldn’t have spent years studying seduction techniques. He would have instead invested in chloroform. But whatever. Media narratives don’t have to be consistent, or realistic. Anyways…


Was it a smart move to cancel the international meetup? Probably. But regardless, now it is done, and question remains: where do we go from here? Obviously, there will be other meetups, but until then here are a few of my ideas to try to turn lemons into lemonade.


Stay Together


As I stated in my Red Pill Civil War piece, it’s important that the manosphere stays resolute. Group loyalty under pressure is what gives us a comparative advantage. In contrast, the SJW’s have strength in numbers, but they don’t have strength in unity, and they don’t have strength through hardship. All we have to do is stay strong, apply gruella tactics, espionage, and play an already disloyal group against itself and we’ll win, in time.


Tactical retreats are acceptable under certain conditions. Even losing a fight every once in a while is a critical lesson to learn. Perhaps we’ve learned more from not having the meetup than having it go smoothly. We know now to apply different tactics in the future and to prepare ourselves accordingly.


Make Yourself Anti-Fragile


If there’s sweet lemonade to be made by this it’s knowing that now you need to be anti-fragile. Take banterloud’s piece highlighting the outright violent statements made against Roosh – how people want to rape him, castrate him, even kill him. The deluge of legitimate hate-speech is something to both marvel at and alarm you.


Now, I don’t think those people are capable of killing someone, because they’re cowards. The loudest keyboard jockeys are usually the biggest wimps precisely because they can’t show their bravado any other way. Real men who have been in conflict know the wages of violence and pay those dues sparingly.


But even so, this was a wake up call to not give the opposition an opening. There are plenty of resources out there on how to cover your bases which, by now, should be clearly valuable to you.


Advice for Roosh


Though I doubt Roosh will ever read it here, I will give my unsolicited opinion.


I don’t believe Roosh is a bad guy with bad intentions. I know the main point of contention the media has with him is over a piece of satire that they’re spinning. Whatever, rabbits gonna rabbit. However, Roosh is going to have to avoid any interviews with the press, otherwise he’s going to have a repeat of the Dr. Oz PR disaster.


Roosh’s approach to interviews is to be calm, collected, and explain things as simply as possible. While that’s great as a teaching method, it does not align well with entertainment. Truly, the news has just become another vector for mindless entertainment thanks to the trend of clickbait garbage in recent years. You can’t even call it journalism anymore. They’re not interested in a debate. They’re not even interested in a dialogue. All the media is looking to do is rustle jimmies for ad revenue. They’ll never give the other side a fair chance, not in a million years.


Roosh’s current approach leaves him open for more defeat. As Vox would say, Roosh is trying to bring a dialectical argument to a rhetorical battle. It’s not going to work. Unless Roosh changes his style to a more in-your-face-give-no-fucks tactic as seen in the likes of Donald Trump then he’s only going to become the media’s punching bag. Personally, I don’t think Roosh is capable of being that aggressive. That’s not a mark against him, but rather that his natural demeanor is not set up for it. He needs to play to his strengths.


If you want examples, look at the aforementioned Vox Day. Look at Mike Cernovich. These guys don’t really care what the media says. They do their own thing while building their defenses accordingly.


Gaining Converts


If Roosh wants a tactic that might work, here’s one for thought.


The media has dumped a load of blatant lies about Roosh and the Manosphere for some time, and these lies do indeed convert people to their side, but not everyone. There is nothing you can do about the useful idiots who blindly accept whatever news article they read without going to the source. They’re beyond help.


But what do you do about the person who gets riled up and decides to check out the source for himself (gendered pronoun intentional)? If he reads Roosh’s piece and concludes “that wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be” then you have yourself a potential convert in two ways. 1: he does not dismiss those ideas outright and, even if he does, 2: he now has doubt about the media for giving him the wrong expectation (see Mundane Matt).


It is that doubt that Roosh should capitalize on.


Roosh needs to continue writing, and writing in such a way as to speak to neutral parties. Pandering to his base isn’t needed; he already has it locked down. He needs to instead cultivate the image of someone presenting his ideas with an even, rational hand. Notice how his detractors call him a rapist with “backwards” thinking. They don’t usually charge him with ignorance or idiocy because his ideas (when actually read) are well spoken.


This approach will simultaneously grab the attention of bystanders while showing how stupid the media is when they try to sell people on trumped-up charges. The more the media tries to slander, the wider the gulf between their narrative and reality, more it appears like they’re chasing windmills and shouldn’t be trusted. This is the gap in the media’s armor, and it has been exploited many times before. Take Rolling Stone as an example of how the media stretched the truth too far and pulled a muscle.


Lastly, he should retweet and quote the most ridiculous statements made against him by the establishment and SJW’s. He’s already doing this to an extent, but if he can divert attention to them, and display himself as more stable, more intelligent, and more put-together person than said SJW’s, then, relatively speaking, the bystanders are more likely to be pulled by his persona alone.


Remember, at this point we’re not necessarily debating the truth. In the days of identity politics, it’s all about image. His image as a playboy is what’s going to get attention, while his words demeanor are going to change minds.



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4 thoughts on “The Cancellation of Roosh’s International Meetup – What Happens Next?

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  2. “I mean, if Roosh really wanted to rape people, he wouldn’t have spent years studying seduction techniques.”
    Hell, if Roosh wanted to rape he’d have long ago joined the muzzies.

  3. Great write up on the whole situation. I never expected it to escalate that quickly and in the way it did. The lies are obnoxious and crazy, yet people believe it because they are too lazy to do their own research.

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