The Red Pill Civil War

There has been a dustup once again between PUA’s of TRP community and Alt-right folks. This isn’t anything new, since neither side has ever truly seen eye to eye, despite the fact that they are both comrades against a larger foe.


For the record, I identify multitudes more as an alt-right conservative (and traditionalist) than I do as a PUA/Gamer (which I’ll refer to here as a player for simplicity’s sake). However, I have to side with Roosh and his affiliates for this one, for four main reasons:


Players didn’t start the degeneracy.


Alt-right people throw around the insult that players are degenerates. Well, they are, but they know they are too. They don’t hide the fact. They don’t deny it. They know the world is screwed up and they’re a part of it. Even though they have a hand in this degeneracy you can’t blame them for starting it.


Depending on who you ask, the degeneracy set in at either: the European Enlightenment, the Anglican reforms of England, the American Civil War, the New Deal, World War Two, or the Baby Boomer Sixties. Each era has its own part to play in the slow descent into degeneracy, but, guess what? It wasn’t the players’ fault. They didn’t start it, they only reacted to it.


Game as we know it started out simply as a strategy to pick up (and keep) women. This strategy was not some artificial thing created by the joos, but rather a market force seeking to fill a demand. Plenty of men in the early 2000’s were trying their hardest to find the right woman, only to find themselves as sloppy seconds, or thirds, or fifteenths, behind a line of Chad Thundercocks. They didn’t like this fact, obviously. They realized they couldn’t change the world so they decided to change themselves. “Degeneracy” aside, that isn’t a poor strategy.


If the world were changed tomorrow in the way that many alt-right people envision, then the vast majority of these guys would settle down with wifey and happily contribute to their family, nation, etc. Many have said they would do as such. Roosh himself has realized that there must be something greater out there beyond the puss. Given this, the players of TRP are not a force of resistance against the cause of the alt-right. Actually, they’re quite the opposite.


Game is a gateway drug.


Many men had their minds blown when exposed to the Red Pill. This brainshock wasn’t confined to women’s nature and their sexual proclivities, but it also motivated these men to seek out other Red Pills which falsified a great many other lies told to them throughout their lifetime.


Many have rejected equality and diversity and a host of other Progressive ideals because of the initial pill that Game provided them. It selected people for skepticism and encouraged them to question what they had been taught.


The Alt-Right has many thanks to give for Roosh and others who have slowly opened men’s eyes. I have seen it myself how a player of loose political affiliation slowly acclimated to alternative news and anti-SJW platforms because of how game intersected loosely with the Alternative Right.


Attacking the same side is what progressives and moderates do.


The right’s tactical advantage against the left is our belief in things greater than the individual which bring us together, things such as Our Nation, Our Culture, Our Ancestors, or Our God (pick at least one). Progressives, on the other hand, are in a status competition against everyone, including other Progressives. The nature of their ideology causes them to divide battle-lines against each other, to police each other, and to backstab each other whenever they slip up, because the person who can be the most Progressive wins.


That means the Progressive House is already divided against itself. If it wasn’t for the bandage of Intersectionality artificially holding them together then every college would become a battle royal of victim complexes. That bandage won’t hold forever, and the left is poised to self-destruct when that day comes.


The winning strategy to beat a loose collection of individualists with no personal loyalty is to band together in a strong group, because coordinated group action will always achieve more than individuals who resent working with each other.


Thus, solidarity is the right’s strength. So why in the hell do some alt-rightists think it’s appropriate to start a Civil War? This is why I partially think the division is orchestrated by SJW’s. Why would you want to alienate potential allies when you both have a common enemy? Ideological purity is the left’s thing.


The SJW snakes pull this crap all the time. They asked Vox Day to distance himself from Roosh. Then, they went to Roosh and asked him to distance himself from Vox. They want their targets alone and isolated so that they can be made weaker. Why give them that?


Fight the bigger foe first, then worry about smaller things later.


The leading cause of this degeneration is Progressivism, and it should be the primary target which the right focuses on. It poses the greatest threat (keyword: threat) to the right and everything else the right holds dear. While players that are going along to get along make for some soft, easy targets, they aren’t the problem, so what victory would that be worth? At the end of the day, what would that accomplish?


The players ultimately hate this degeneracy as much as the alt-righters do. They want women to be more pure, respectable and feminine. They hate the fact that they need to put exponentially more energy into a far lower quality product than what their grandfather got. They hate the fact they can’t get close and open up to most women because of how our culture encourages betrayal by portraying it as “independence”. Yes, there is a difference in lifestyle taste between the player and the conservative, but that’s all it really amounts to. Both are essentially on the same side.


Only once this degeneration is stopped and reversed can the ideological pruning begin, but not before, not until victory is achieved.


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4 thoughts on “The Red Pill Civil War

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  2. The discovery of game definitely slowly led me to the Alt-Right.

    However, I was already quite libertarian – a right wing one – and already had a strong dislike for feminism. I also didn’t have years of public school indoctrination to undo, unlike most people I meet. (Homeschooled and went to private Christian schools as well.)

    Still though it was ROK, and then Free Northerner, and finally watching Aurini videos which started the domino effect. If I’ve noticed one thing in common though with most people who end up in the Alt-Right, it started with an intro to Game.

    I’m still wouldn’t consider myself a Neo-Reactionary or a White Nationalist, but I’m now aware they exist and I consider them allies, even though I’m half middle-eastern.

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