It’s a New Year, so I’m Looking for Feedback.

I’ll be taking a few days off from posting so I can work on ideas and strategies for the upcoming year. In the meantime, I was hoping to get some feedback as to how I can improve things here.


This blog has fanned out in many different directions. I’ve talked about self improvement, gave some writing advice, shown a few short stories, commentated like a NeoReactionary, and ranted about PC leftism. It’s been broad scope instead of narrow, with topics based on whatever’s on my mind. I figure it’s a good time to get some feedback as to which topics I might need to focus on, or which ones to avoid in the future.


Let me know what you like, and/or what you don’t like, what could be improved upon, what you’d like to see more of, what you’d discontinue, etc.Hell, it doesn’t just have to be about my shit here; your critiques could be about TRP or the Manosphere in general. What do you think is missing from our little corner of the internet? What are your beefs? What brings you here? etc.


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2 thoughts on “It’s a New Year, so I’m Looking for Feedback.

  1. How to fight back.

    There is alot of ranting and raving – myself included – in the manosphere/Alt-Right, but besides some of what I’ve seen on Danger & Play and Vox Day, there isn’t much on building the ideas, platforms, programs, institutions, churches, communities, and families on how to fight back effectively.

    We are lacking a foundation. “Change” happens on the cultural level. not the political. How we can drive that cultural change, while still keeping our jobs, reputations, ect?

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