I Will Never Accept Transsexuals or Their Enablers (A Rant)

Granted, we all have our own biases and dislikes. Sometimes that concerns race, religious creed, sexual orientation etc. Personally, I don’t give a damn what people hate, so long as they keep it on the inside and don’t initiate unjust violence on others.


But no matter how many tolerance classes you could ever send me to, or however many sob stories I hear from them, there is no way in hell I will ever accept a transsexual person who willingly accepts that label. I do so not because I have a deep seeded hatred for them. It’s because of my own personal code of ethics. I will not abide by mental illness, or “treatments” which abide mental delusion.


I don’t hate gay people, even though extreme degeneracy like bug chasing disgusts me. Though I look down on certain behaviors, I don’t hate the person because at least their sexual preference is consistent with reality. A gay man still recognizes the objective reality that they are an XY chromosome-carrying man. They know they like men and their biological response is consistent with that.


I don’t even necessarily have a problem with transgender people, despite me seeing them as weird (and here, I use the term gender as it is normally defined – by feminine and masculine behavior). A girl that wants to do tough-mudders, shoot guns, put up drywall, and act like a stereotypical “tomboy”, still, at the end of the day, knows and accepts that they are an XX-carrying biological female. Despite these two examples of behavior being different than the norm there is no refusal to see reality for what it is. There doesn’t seem to be irrational thinking with either. Yes, it’s different, strange even, but it is still logically consistent physically and psychologically.


However, a transsexual person is someone with deep-seeded mental issues. Full stop. There is no room for compromise here. Any time someone sees things that aren’t there, when their beliefs aren’t congruent with reality, or perhaps they have irrational and destructive thinking, then it is a case of mental illness. Period.


Transsexuals believe they are in the “wrong” body, or their body’s sex is wrong. The reality is that this person is indeed a woman (or man) – the sex they were born with. We can see differences in bone structure through x-rays. We can do blood tests and look at hormone counts. We can detect an XX vs an XY chromosome. Or they could simply drop trow. That is the reality. There is no arguing with reality, for it is what it is. The inconsistency is within the mind, and therefore treatment should focus on the mind.


If they legitimately wanted this dysphoria to end by coming to terms with it, and toward accepting reality, not their dreams, then that would be one thing. It was such a thing, at one time. But now thanks to myriad of factors this is not the case. The “trans community” is filled with a bunch of delusional tweens and mentally broken people who want to remake reality in the shape of their mental faculties. Please, someone tell me how this would ever work.


If a man comes into a doctor’s office and says, “Doc, you gotta help me. See my right arm? It’s not actually mine. I need you to remove it.”


While this may seem too farfetched to be real, this is an actual psychological disorder known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder, in which people believe that their arm or leg belongs to someone else and should be amputated.


Clearly, the doctor can see that the arm is his. It pumps his blood, carries his nervous system’s signals, contains his DNA and cells. It has never been removed and reattached at any point. The problem is not with the arm itself, because it’s a perfectly functioning arm, but the problem is with the idea, the feeling, in the person’s head which makes them believe the arm isn’t theirs. Reality and thinking are not consistent, and clearly reality is in the right.


Do we remove the man’s arm? Before we answer, let’s take a step back.


The man believes in his heart of hearts that his life will be improved upon the removal of his arm. Is that sufficient enough justification? No, because the man’s thinking obviously isn’t rational, and therefore his judgement of which course of treatment to pursue isn’t rational either.


It could be that the arm is removed and the disorder merely flips to the other arm, or to his leg. Or perhaps another disorder replaces it, like phantom limb syndrome. Perhaps the initial psychopathology of Body Integrity Identity Disorder is merely an expression of a deeper disorder, or caused by his chaotic living environment. In this case, it is both ethical and justified to deny this person’s desire for amputation despite them swearing it will work, because we as rational agents come to a different conclusion that better matches reality. In this case is it justifiable, and even moral, to deny someone their basic human rights of body autonomy in order to preserve the well-being of that body. Yes, you read that right.


So when a person comes into a psychiatrist’s office and says, “Doc, you gotta help me. See my body? See how it’s female? Well I’m actually, truly, male, and I need you to sign these forms so that I can change it.”


Clearly, the body is female because it was formed female, and it formed that way because the DNA instructions clearly indicated to the body’s cells, for many years, to become a female. Even before that, the mother’s womb programmed the fetus to eventually become female. All the biological workings, the physical reality, reveal this person to be female. It is the mind, their beliefs, their feelings, that dictate otherwise. Once again, reality and belief are not consistent. So how do you treat it?


Cutting off a person’s arm is no more or less intrusive than cutting apart their genitals. It still negatively affects the natural workings of their body and impacts their quality of life. So why deny one and indulge the other?


Because egalitarians have been attacking the concepts of gender and sex for decades. It’s politically correct for doctors, surgeons, and psychiatrists to placate illness by giving in and feeding preteens artificial hormones which will permanently disrupt the natural workings of their bodies. And it’s “inspiring” and “brave” (or something) for the media to only show the happy moments of these people’s lives, which only encourages more. Advocates say it challenges the cistem, man, but I say it only increases revenues for pharmaceutical corporations.


And that’s the underlying reason for the double standard between Body Integrity Identity Disorder and “””Gender””” Identity Disorder. Cutting off a man’s arm doesn’t make a political statement, nor does it increase dividends, but building a new tranny is quite the cash cow, and “get ‘em while they’re young” is a perfect marketing strategy.


I didn’t want to go into the field of psychology so I could make people’s lives worse. Thus, I won’t accept people who willingly indulge in their delusions, and I will hate the people who promote those same delusions. I don’t hate those who have these illnesses, because it’s not a choice to have a mental-cross wire, but it is a choice to give in to it.



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7 thoughts on “I Will Never Accept Transsexuals or Their Enablers (A Rant)

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  2. I was first alerted to the concept of Chimerism at SunshineMary’s place. There, the implications discussed were different.

    Chimera: a person composed of two genetically distinct types of cells.

    Recently, I dug into the topic a little on something unrelated. I won’t call it a fact but the assertion was that an embryo absorbs the remains of another dead embryo in the womb. This resulted, in one case, a paternity challenge where the father of a child was determined to be an uncle – who did not exist.

    Further, I determined that there were cases where a person had male and female genetic material. In one case I read about, a boy was being treated for an undropped testicle. It was determined that not only did he not have the testicle, but that he had some female organs- fallopian tubes, for instance.

    All this has done is to challenge my previously held belief that there are no circumstances where we had anything other than male or female (allowing for known genetic anomalies). I haven’t yet explored how this affects my social views.

    • There are indeed people who are a hybrid of both biological sexes. Some hermaphrodites have XXY chromosomes, single X, etc. In the womb, mothers produce two types of hormones which determine the sex of the fetus. One is designed to “kill off” the female blueprint (since all fetuses default to female), while another “builds” the male blueprint. If the former hormone system doesn’t activate to stop female development, but the other fires up to start male development, then you have a hybrid with both male and female characteristics. If the former does activate to stop female development, but the second doesn’t start up to finish the male build, then you have a human with neither sex characteristics. This can produce non-binary sexes at the biological level but they are not known as “trans” because they are not transitioning to anything. They simply are born in the middle.

  3. It’s a free country you are absolutely free not to accept them (or their enablers). But as it seems you have to stand up for your cause and have a lot of courage to resist the big storm that will blow into your face. If you stand straight and don’t bow down before the “shamers” you win. That’s the social game.

  4. I think everyone tends to overcomplicate trannys. I have a simple theory.

    Everyone wants to feel safe and protected. It is the oughuman condition. We do everything (even as small children) to maintain the feeling that we are valued and thus will be taken care of in the event we fall ill or into bad circumstances.

    Everything humans do (for the most part) is to present an image of being valuable to the tribe. All our “opinions”, purchases, behaviors, thoughts are geared to fit in and alleviate the chronic anxiety of being left behind and uncared for.

    So, I think some males in childhood get the idea that their lot in life is precarious. They may be small boned, not strong, or not constitutionally tough. This happens. However, somewhere along the line, they perceive that females are given a lot of attention, love and support because they are females. Now, if you are a delicate male (or think you are) it may have occurred to you to adopt the female role in order to secure the resources and protection from a more dominant male. So, they play the female role. Even to the point of going the hormonal therapy and eventual gender changing surgery.

    They dream about being with a male who will protect them and provide resources to keep them safe for the remainder of their lives. This, I believe, is the primary motivation and origin for transexual behavior. I think that these folks are not bad or anything like that. I think they have taken a path that they feel ensures their future security in what they perceive is an unsafe world.

  5. I am not a scientist, but I have done a bit of reading on the way that brains develop. Apparently, men’s brains and women’s brains have slightly different physical structures and processes in them. And these differences are created by the brain being exposed to male or female hormones at a couple of different stages, both in the womb and as infants.

    So, if there were some sort of developmental error, I can imagine how a female body could have a brain that had become accidentally masculinized. Or a male body might have a brain in it that was accidentally feminized. In these cases, that person might indeed think that they are the sex of their brain, even though that conflicts with the sex of their body.

    Maybe that’s what transgenders are. But still, you are right. A male body with a feminized brain is STILL not a woman. It’s a male body with a feminized brain. In other words, a mistake. An assembly error. If that person wants to dress in a way that matches how their brain feels, fine. Whatever. I really don’t care.

    But let’s just be honest about what is going on. To say that person is the same thing as a natural normal woman is just insanity.

    • Absolutely. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the people in these cases bucking their gender roles if they have that brain development. But the new trans community of tumblr keeps trying to push the idea that biological sex isn’t real. It’s like arguing for a flat Earth.

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