There Can Only Be So Many Self-help Books. Focus on Fiction.

I started a new job a week ago, and this adjustment period has left me with a lack of inspiration to write these blog posts. My fiction, however, is still going strong  – about 1000 words a day.


This has made me question what to do with the blog, as writer’s block often does. It’s a temporary thing and I know I will find the motivation later. However, I also wonder about the Manosphere, the reactosphere, the unaffiliated redpill spheres in general, because right now is my ~5th year observing this side of the internet, and rarely does a new and novel piece of information hit my brain. I’m at the point where learning had ceased, and I feel as if I’m retaking the course, over and over


Personally, I don’t like to regurgitate everything I read in the Manosphere because I don’t like repeating old ideas. When I compose a post here, I want to make it unique and add some information to the pool of knowledge, trying to be a producer of ideas, not merely a consumer of them. But when the source knowledge has run out, or the pool of knowledge becomes filled to the brim, then it means I need to focus somewhere else.


I understand that there will always be new men awakening, bringing their stories and discussions with them from the blue pill world, and there will always be differing perspectives in which to interpret the red pill. The political side of the pill will always have something to talk about, as the west further descends into the dark. So the discussions we have and the ideas we share will never truly die.


But things like masculinity, self-improvement, seduction, these bits of information aren’t endless. Game wisdom may be confirmed in countless examples but the wisdom itself isn’t infinite. There is a point when you learn all there is to learn about a subject, and are unable to learn more. At that point, you have to move on.


Personally, I think we’ve learned all we can about concepts like hypergamy. Yeah, there are new and different ways to articulate it, but it’s an old and well-worn road. Same goes for male inequality, Alpha fucks Beta bucks, Feminism, and the Commandments of Poon. The rules of the game have already been learned. Now we’re just sharing tactics, but talking tactics all the time can also just be just a retread.


At this point, there is rarely anything new I can find in the Manosphere. But is that a problem? Does it mean the Manosphere is tapped out? I don’t think so.


Keep in mind, an engine’s RPMs can slow as it’s about to stall, but they also can slow when shifting into a higher gear. Just because the concepts are well known doesn’t mean we have to give up talking about them in a different form.


Self-help books can eventually grow stale because they sell recycled information, but fiction can be sculpted in many different ways, far beyond nonfiction, for plotline, characters, and a story’s imagery can take on nearly infinite forms. The realm of fiction allows writers, even Manosphere writers, especially Manosphere writers, a great degree of freedom in crafting their writing, as well as the great challenge in making it good.


The Manosphere has acted as the internet’s unofficial psychology and sociology departments. It is here where men learn about themselves as men, and where they learn about the workings of women. What other primer do you need to create complex characters? The ‘sphere has shown us the world outside the cubicle, or our former nerd dens, giving us the necessary inspiration for deep settings and compelling plot points. That’s a great leap forward compared to the sci-fi and fantasy writers that base their stories off a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons.


I realize that not many people are so cozy with the concept of writing fiction. Aaron Clarey, Captain Capitalism, is one such person who is good at writing nonfiction, but strongly prefers not to write fiction, and that’s okay. However, for the Manosphere writer who is like me, who has the willingness to write but finds they’re fresh out of topics, perhaps they should try writing from a different angle.


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2 thoughts on “There Can Only Be So Many Self-help Books. Focus on Fiction.

  1. I noticed a severe lack of detailed nonfiction in the sphere and set out to fill it. With the best material around of course… My life.

    Keep writing Dave. I really loved your book. Read it in one sitting. Still think about the protagonist to this day.

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