Just Who Are Your Enemies? The Tolerance Paradox

South Park Death Camp of Tolerance“Welcome to Tolerance Camp. You are here because you would not accept other people’s differences. You refused to accept the life choices of your fellow man. Well those days are now over. Here, intolerance… will not be tolerated.” – Tolerance Camp Leader, South Park, The Death Camp of Tolerance.


Despite the relatively recent narrative shift away from equality and toward privilege, the Social Justice Warriors still, to this day, adhere to the ideal of “Tolerance”. However its form has definitely changed. Back in the day, tolerance was a positive thing advocated toward a mass populous who was assumed (by the elite) to be intolerant, ignorant, and just needed to be informed. Hence, the rainbow coalitions in media.


But these days, the advocates of tolerance are becoming ever more active, less toward positive unification, and more toward bashing and destroying anything they perceive as intolerant. Actually, most people who have interacted with today’s Social Justice crowd will find them to be some of the most hateful and intolerant people around. This is what is known as the Tolerance Paradox:


The tolerance paradox arises when a tolerant person holds antagonistic views toward intolerance, and hence is intolerant of it. The tolerant individual would be, by definition, intolerant of intolerance.


Or, in other words, hypocrisy.


This was perfectly exemplified in the classic South Park episode Death Camp of Tolerance, when the boys of South Park are sent to a Nazi-style “Tolerance Camp”, to be “reeducated” to accept their fellow man.


The Social Justice Warriors of today are no different than the parody Nazi warden from that prophetic episode over a decade ago. They are all too willing to take some nasty turns in the name of their crusade, but yet don’t stop to think that maybe they have become the people they hate with such a passion.


“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster; and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


I have many friends across the political spectrum, from gun-toting Texan conspiracy theorists to radical libertarians, to socialists still behind Obama (even to this day), to teachers of Marxism and Critical Theory (purposeful capitalization). And frankly, I am more weary of my liberal friends than my conservative ones, because even though I am more than happy to break bread with any of them, I wonder if would they would be willing to break bread with me if they knew my political stance?


Consider this: a person who holds bigoted views, whether those views are racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, etc. knows they’re in a culture where such views are not tolerated. They know that every person on the street fundamentally disagrees with them, and that such people will likely form an angry mob if they knew of their secret. The Bigot, for lack of a better description, therefore has two choices:

  1. they can sequester themselves away from this world, living alone in solitude
  2. or they can go about their daily routine while simply getting along with everyone around him, knowing full well that they shouldn’t share their views or correct acquaintances that hold contrary ones


Most Bigots take strategy #2, because there’s no way to live even a fraction of a normal life otherwise. Therefore this Bigot, for all the shit he gets, is a more tolerant individual to the people around him, because he can and does live with others he fundamentally disagree with. But would those others pay the same tolerance in kind?


Many of us are in this position by virtue of being red pill, living unconventional lives or simply not accepting the egalitarian feminism of our time. You don’t have to go full fascist shitlord to empathize with our hypothetical Bigot or live the life he does. A wisecrack in the office is all you need to do to become him in the eyes of the Human Resources Manager.


Contrast this experience to the Social Justice Warrior, who posts Social Justice memes to facebook without fear of retaliation or losing their friends, and proudly pushes the virtues of social justice without anyone around them asking for it. They take for granted all the tolerance that others give to them, but would still be all too happy to do whatever they could to ruin someone else’s life if they perceive the most minor of infractions, with no punishment being off the table for sufficient offenses: ending their business, breaking apart their family, inciting a mob (internet or otherwise), or SWATting someone in the attempt to kill them.


The Bigot, who holds intolerant views in his mind, behaves in a tolerant manner to all those around them because they have no other choice but to go along to get along. While the Social Justice Warrior, who holds tolerance as an upmost virtue, behaves in a manner that would put a true bigot to shame.


That’s “tolerance” for you. And irony.



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