Women Desire What They Lack

Though some women will fight the truth, the harsh reality is that women are weaker than men. Weaker doesn’t necessarily mean inferior. Weaker doesn’t mean that women don’t possess other strengths. It means that women come up short in the physical aspects where men excel.


Even the world’s strongest woman will be beaten by the world’s strongest man, or even the world’s 10 strongest men (maybe even the top 100 men). The average man beats the average woman. And the below average man still beats the below average woman. When comparing apples to apples, gap here is undeniable, and though it doesn’t seem very significant, it is.


Knowing this, put yourself in a woman’s shoes. If a tire goes flat and needs to be replaced at the side of the road, you are no longer lifting a 25 pound doughnut out of the back; as a woman you are lifting the equivalent of a 30 or 40 pound tire. Similarly, groceries are heavier. Tools are heavier. It is almost as if someone has turned up the gravity across the whole planet. We men take our strength for granted, and it is women who know, at least at an unconscious level, that they fall behind every time they hand us a jar.


So ask yourself this: if you are in a state of physical weakness, what would you desire in your mate? Then ask what do women desire in their mate? The answer is the same.




Strength is men’s specialty; it is our purpose, not just culturally but also genetically. If a man is not strong enough to lift that 25 pound doughnut, and she’s not strong enough either, then you both have become stranded, only she’s the one with the excuse.


This is why you should work on your body. You don’t have to win any lifting contests, but you should have enough excess power to assist those closest to you.


A strong body is a given, and it’s the first place a young man goes when he wants to increase his value. This is a great start, but it is only a start, and the consensus of the manosphere holds physique as a secondary, even a tertiary, to the aspects of mind. A guy stacked can still fail with women if his mind – emotions and cognitions – are also not up to par.


Emotional Strength:


Get back in the mind of a woman for a second. Not only is the world heavier, but every person around you is now stronger, maybe doubly so depending on who you are. While you might be able to push off an attacker and run as a man, as a woman you’re almost entirely at their mercy (unless you’ve taken it upon yourself to actively work to close the gap). To women, the world is a more dangerous place, and it always has been, ever since the mastodons.


What is plentiful in a dangerous world? Fear. A woman may not constantly be in fear, but the fear response when trouble does arise is observably more extreme in women because the antagonists are more powerful.


Just as a person without strength desires strength in their partner, so does a woman with fear desires a man who lacks fear.


What is it called when someone lacks fear?




If there is one emotion that must be checked in the mind of a man it is fear. Fear is useful as a limiter, a governor, but it is also a primitive emotion that can overreact. Fear only needs to be right the one time when it truly matters despite a track record of a thousand false alarms. When a man legitimately fears something, you know the gates of hell are about to break loose. When a man fears not, it calms everyone around him, including her.


For a woman seeks an excuse to discard her mental burdens, and a man without fear will give her that bubble of calm in a chaotic world. When something goes wrong, she can look to him and see that, despite the circumstances, at least he will have it all under control.


And for you, reducing your fear will enable you to walk into the unknown while scores of other men stay behind. It will let you go and do amazing things you never thought possible. It will broaden your horizons and allow you to scale challenges that would turn away others.


If you hold onto fear too strongly you let the thousand false alarms rule your life. While some people say anger should be capped above fear, I believe it is the opposite. Fear and anger are both useful in some cases and unnecessary in others, but it is fear that stops us from acting when we need to, while anger allows us to act when we must. Choose to quell fear over anger.


Cognitive Strength:


Go back into the shoes of a woman. The world is stronger than her and thus more able to overpower her. This comes with a greater fear of the world. However, there’s no escaping the world we live in. You may ease your fear because you’ve found somewhere safe and comfortable, but how do you know it’s really, truly safe?


What follows from fear, even when living in security, is doubt. Though she may be comfortable for now, a woman wonders how long it will last. How strong is her little castle? Is it really that safe? Is there a better fortress somewhere else, or with someone else?


Doubt causes the mind to second-guess its decisions, and there is no greater madness than constant doubt. It strips you of the ability to make decisions, it nullifies your control, because what good is the freedom of choice when you’re always unsure of any outcome?


So answer these three questions:


What does someone with doubt desire most in their mate?


What do women want more consistently in their men than any other trait?


What IS the absence of doubt?


The answer to all three is: confidence.


Almost every survey of what women find attractive will have confidence somewhere at the top. Even those not of the red pill will know this, but few will actually recognize it let alone properly articulate it.


Confidence isn’t simply swagger. Confidence is the lack of doubt, and attaining that is a difficult task, because are we ever completely sure of our actions? Well, you are if you know precisely what you’re doing. Ah, there’s a light in the darkness.


Confidence comes when you’ve done something over and over to the point that you’ve mastered it. An expert mountain climber will judge a cliff’s viability and will come to a confident conclusion, based on his collected experience, that it is either worth climbing or not. He doesn’t need to fluff or bluff, generate excuses or belittle those around him. He only needs to divine an answer from his mastery, experience and intellect. It is at that point when the mannerisms of confidence will flow naturally.


The best way to gain overall confidence is to do a lot of things. Blow past the fear you feel when encountering something new and dip a hand or foot into any activity which will expand your knowledge and expertise. While it seems simple, it actually takes a long time and many years to develop true confidence.


It is intellectual by being able to learn many things. It is physical by being able to perform up to mastery. It is emotional to work through the fear that prevents you from trying.


You will know it when you find it. Once you stop asking yourself: can I do this? And instead ask, how long will it take? You will have shown that attaining mastery isn’t a question anymore, it’s a given, only in time.


Remember the virtues:


When a sword is first smithed, it is delicate and dull. A process knowing as quenching hardens the metal, allowing it to keep its edge, however the process also makes it brittle, like glass. Only when a sword is tempered does it retain its edge and durability. The word temper also can refer to a person’s state of mind. When we get angry and lose control, we call it “losing our temper”. The word temperance (related to the word temper) is defined as the moderation of the self, which is also known as virtue.


Without being tempered a blade may be sharp, but it is also prone to breaking. Without virtue a person may be strong, but unable to keep that edge.


Remember these three basic virtues. While they are not the only virtues in the world, for there are others of a spiritual, moral, ethical, and enlightened nature, these three are a foundation that aids in all greater virtues. These virtues are:


Strength – a lack of weakness.


Courage – a lack of fear.


Confidence – a lack of doubt.


Merely applying these should give you an advantage over those who’d rather take the path of least resistance. It’s an advantage that will be necessary in your future…



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