Legal Protection for Men – How you can CYA

Any number of men can tell you stories of how the law was turned against them, when perhaps an argument turned into an arrest, when someone was falsely accused, or when he just met the wrong cop at the wrong time. The sad truth is that these days there is an increasing need to cover one’s ass. While this isn’t a silver bullet, it is some decent legal armor:


Legal Shield is a subscription-based service that acts like legal AAA. You and a handful of people in your state collectively pay a law firm to represent you all. That firm then provides you with a litany of free legal services with an extra 25% discount on attorney fees for things not covered for free under the policy.


Here’s just a snapshot (more free services can be found HERE):


  • Free advice – You can ask any legal question as many times as you like for free. Give them a call, leave a message, and, after doing a little research, an attorney will give you a call back with the answer for no charge. Now, instead of going to reddit for advice on whatever, you can call a lawyer who will give you actual bona fide legal counsel.
  • Free 24/7 Emergency Attorney Service – A separate emergency line can put you in contact with an attorney right at that moment. We all know we need to exercise our rights. Problem is, exercising them a little too vigorously makes you look like a punk with a chip on your shoulder or that you have something to hide. Many times it can work against you. However, having an attorney talk to the cops means you’ll be taken seriously.
  • Free Contract Review – About to sign a lease or service contract? Your attorneys can take a look at a contract up to 15 pages for free, scanning it for loopholes and pitfalls that might cost you a lot of money in the future.
  • FREE UNCONTESTED DIVORCE – You get free uncontested divorce with Legal Shield. Let’s say you go to your beloved partner and say, “Look, honey, we can each blow ten grand fighting this thing or we can settle on something we both like and be done with it without wasting any time and money. Sound good?” Not everyone will be brought to reason with such a bargain. Some will figure they can gamble and win, but I’m sure others will be willing to sit down and negotiate a cease-fire if they know doing so will cost them nothing.
  • Traffic Court Appearances – Attorneys will go to traffic court for you and try to settle a ticket. Sometimes, they can get it thrown out. Not only that, but let’s say you’re driving out of state and smoky pulls you for going 8 over. You’ve got a ticket that you can’t dispute because you’ll be a thousand miles away by Monday. The Legal Shield attorneys in that state will go to court on your behalf and settle it without you having to miss work.


There are plenty of other benefits and free stuff that I just don’t have the time to cover here, so take a look for yourself.


A family policy usually runs less than $20 a month, depending on the state, or province if you’re in Canada (except Saskatchewan). That same policy covers:

  • You
  • Your live-in partner (married or unmarried makes no difference)
  • Your children
  • Your kids in college up to age 26
  • And any handicapped dependent children regardless of age.


If you’re a father with a teenager that’s just about to start driving, then, dude, what are you waiting for?


If you’re an old guy then you’ll need a will (it’s free).


If you’re a young guy in college, ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE A YOUNG GUY IN COLLEGE, then you’ll need to stay out of trouble and protect yourself from unforeseen legal traps. REMEMBER: The internal judicial system in a college is NOT a criminal hearing but you would be a total and complete fool to go in without an attorney by your side if you’re facing sufficient heat.


There really isn’t an excuse one can give to say they’re immune from legal risk, for even Lawyers can’t specialize in everything.


With all that in mind, there are some limitations. Legal Shield mainly focuses on civil cases, specifically defending you from legal hazards. It isn’t supposed to get you out of jail for robbing a liquor store. That’s a criminal matter. Yeah, you do get the 25% off an attorney for criminal matters too, but don’t expect your law firm to treat you as a charity case. Also, don’t speed through a red light on your way home and then sign up for the policy, it isn’t retroactive. Free uncontested divorce activates after 90 days.


Still not sure? Here are some reviews from consumer affairsyelp, and the Better Business Bureau.


Closing thoughts:


I didn’t seek out Legal Shield because I had a divorce on my hands or problems with my HOA. After hearing about it, the first thing that came to my mind were the many stories I had heard from you all within the sphere, some about an innocent guy that got hauled off because his wife or girlfriend beat him, or others where a kid got kicked out of college because his ex-girlfriend reported him for harassment six months after the fact (yet there was no police report filed). There’s a wellspring of stories on reddit and other forums with similar themes. You don’t have to look far.


I’m confident that many of you guys will find a value to Legal Shield, hence why I wanted to let you know. If you’re interested then check out my other website. There’s more free stuff and information that I just didn’t have the space to cover here.

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