Thoughts on this Whole “Transgender” Craze

First of all, the term “transgender” is really a misnomer. Gender refers to the behaviors of the masculine and the feminine. When someone uses the word gender they ought to know it doesn’t refer to human biology, just behavior. The term sex is appropriate when talking about what’s between your legs and what chromosomes you have.


You’d think the tumblrists and twitteristas would understand this, given their obsession with all things gender. I mean, this is covered in gender 101.


Transsexual is the more accurate word to describe someone who believes they were put into the wrong sexual body. Mind-swapped, as it were – biological men who believe they carry the mind of a woman, and women who believe the reverse. Whether you’re masculine or feminine (adhering to gender) is a separate issue. Whether you find the same sex or opposite sex attractive is, again, another issue. Unfortunately, the Diagnostics and Statistics Manual, which is the holy bible of psychology and psychiatry describes it as Gender Identity Disorder (again, you see the slow erosion of the biological term sex with that of gender). Now, of course, it’s Gender Dysphoria, because progressive academics don’t want to make it seem like a disorder. Hell, they don’t want anything to be stigmatized as a disorder. Don’t be fooled: it is.


Actual, bona fide transsexuals are extremely rare in relation to the rest of the populace. They are even rarer than people who identify as gay or lesbian (~3-4% of the population).


Psychiatry has spent a great deal of time trying to help these people cope with the body they were actually born with. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, when sex-change operations were just coming into the field and thus prohibitively expensive, psychiatrists regarded the knife as the last resort. Therapy was the main method of choice, with the goal of simply getting these people comfortable with living as they were. For many, it worked. For some, it didn’t. The justification for giving these people therapy was because their mind-swap was and still is, literally, a mental disorder.


When a 90 pound girl looks into the mirror and sees a fat, repulsive beast, it means her mental processing does not reflect physical reality. She would be diagnosed and treated for anorexia. When a guy looks into the mirror and imagines his nose as way too large, his cheekbones too small, or his eyebrows too thick, or everything else way out of proportion, he too is seeing the world through a delusion in his mind rather than what truly appears in reality. He would be diagnosed and treated for Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Whenever the mind perceives the parts of one’s body as something different than the reality then it is a mental disorder, and it needs to be treated as a mental disorder. Period. We DON’T give the girl with anorexia a prescription for diet pills to placate her broken mind. We DON’T allow the man with BDD to indulge in his fantasies and radically change his body.


So when a biological man, with XY chromosomes, looks in a mirror and sees a woman looking from behind those eyes, then it too is a mental disorder no different than the person with anorexia or BDD. Psychiatrists thus initially tried the obvious method of getting the person to recognize and become comfortable with the FACT that they were, and still are, a man.


Progressives recoil at this because it is supposedly trans-phobic (which, in a linguistic context makes no sense, since no one actually fears transsexuals). They see it as something similar to a pray the gay away campaign, or a relic of psychiatry’s bigoted past. In one sense, they’re right. But only to a degree.


Here’s the thing about mental disorders, dysmorphic ones or not: they are all contextual. Mental disorders are defined as behavior or thinking that does not match the norm, AND causes distress to themselves and/or others, AND society perceives it to be a disorder. If an artist is totally bonkers, but still is able to paint and likes her quirks then there’s no justification in institutionalizing her. If the general populous accepts this then she lives without risk of being thrown into a padded room.


But if society believes that her eccentricities are detrimental then she has cause for alarm.


Psychiatry is nothing more than the institutionalized enforcement of a society’s behavioral and cognitive norms. If someone’s thinking falls beyond the acceptable boundaries that society imposes then psychiatry will make them conform. However, these boundaries are fluid. Hence why I said psychological disorders are contextual. Our society doesn’t think homosexuality is a disorder, thus it isn’t. The society within Saudi Arabia thinks homosexuality IS a disorder, and thus it’s a disorder. The relativity blade cuts both ways, and changes over time.


Now, a progressive reading this will say, “YES! That is why we can’t be trans-phobic. Society needs to change to accept these people.”


Hold on a second. Just because psychiatry got it wrong with homosexuality doesn’t mean they also got it wrong with “gender” identity disorder. Sexual attraction doesn’t create a delusional break from reality, hence why it was dropped. Sexual identity, however, is a matter of physical, biological reality. Just because progressives want it to be a case of gender fluidity doesn’t mean it isn’t a cognitive break from reality. It truly is, and it needs to be treated like such, not a “brave” civil rights issue.


The progressive narrative advocating for gender revolution and trans-acceptance has had a disastrous effect on the younger generations, the tumblrists and twitternistas, who have latched onto “transgender” as the new cause and identity du jour. If you look at the videos on youtube or vine, or the posts on tumblr, the one thing that should stick out to you is that almost all these people are kids. They’re not old enough to even have legal sex, nor have they even fully grown into their biological sex, and yet they believe they can switch that sex with hormones and surgery. They haven’t even lived enough to know better.


Truly, they are not transsexuals. They do not actually feel mind-swapped. Rather, they are merely children who have attached to the transgender narrative because it gives them an outlet for their teenage angst. It offers them a perfect victim narrative to the middle-class white kids of the internet who are so desperate for some kind of individual validation. Since they can’t be gay, they can instead be trans and still stick it to society while fighting social norms, man, with an oppression badge. Masculinity and femininity require some kind of effort, so why not just wear a hoodie?


Someone get this person a dictionary.

But here are the uncomfortable facts that transgender advocates don’t want to hear. Dr. McHugh is a former Chief Psychiatrist, and is the current Distinguished Service Professor at Johns Hopkins. He said that:


  1. Transgender is indeed a mental disorder
  2. Sex changes were biologically impossible
  3. 70-80% of children who identify as trans end up changing their mind later in life.
  4. Transsexuals have a twenty times higher suicide rate.


Look at the big picture, especially those last two. This is not “genderfluidity”. This is a psychological illness.


There is many an autistic boy who, after being raised by a helicopter mom and having no male influence, will choose to be female because he simply likes women better. There is many a psychologically damaged girl or feminist zealot who will choose to be male as an excuse to not be a feminine woman. Even worse, some people with preexisting psychological problems latch onto gender-fluidity believing that it is the cause of their anxiety, depression, or other mental imbalances. They get the surgeries and hormones, only to discover that they are STILL miserable.Turns out, it wasn’t their “gender” identity at all. But the surgery can’t be undone. Hence the high suicide rate.


But I think the worst of it all comes from parents encouraging their young children, some as young as 4, to come out as trans”gender”. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Both programs check off the usual progressive propaganda points:

  • Using the word gender to refer to biology instead of sex
  • The child “chose on their own” and their choice immediately accepted without verification because the parents “just knew”
  • Appeal to authority, in the case of A with a gender specialist, in B with a congressmen
  • Accepting the child’s decision and unconditionally loving them no matter what, not unlike the free range kid movement
  • Most telling: progressive parents

To the Today Show’s main demo, there is no reason not to accept this. But underneath the surface there’s no denying that having a trans child is the perfect status signal for the middle class SWPL progressive. It beats out being black, Hispanic, poor, and even having a gay child, because gay people are more accepted than transsexuals.


If you don’t look at societal narcissism, then this issue is fairly cut and dry. However with the lens of societal narcissism, particularly progressive narcissism, then the transgender child turns into a status symbol of how much you’re against traditional gender roles, man, of how accepting and tolerant you are, man, of how much you love your kid in the face of all this transphobic bullying, man. So how do we know their children are truly transsexual, or if the parents have seized on the right opportunity during a childhood phase? There is a powerful incentive at play here…


When it’s easy and encouraged to come out as trans, you’re going to have a lot more posers, weirdos, and narcissists joining in for no other reason than to have an identity.


Back in the 80’s and 90’s, when trans issues weren’t given explicitly positive coverage in the media, being trans came with negative consequences. One could lose their family and kids, friends, job, and possibly anyone they’d ever known after starting anew as a completely different person. If that amount of pressure is against you, and yet you still defy that pressure, then your conviction is sincere. The people who had “gender” identity disorder back before it was cool were legitimate cases. They dealt with legitimate problems and legitimately needed therapy to deal with a mental disorder. That is a far cry from what we have today.


The current crop of trans children are anything but, and the progressive narrative, this new “civil rights” issue, is putting fuel on this fire. According to their narrative, everyone is equal from the neck up and any true biological differences are simply superficial. What better way to drive this point home by making your sex organs interchangeable? Similarly, the narrative considers “patriarchal” and “traditional” social norms misogynist and oppressive. But in the process of trying to dethrone those norms, progressives have simultaneously thrown human sexual dimorphism under the bus, and allowed people to indulge in their mental delusions by telling them: if your mind’s eye and reality conflict, then it is reality, not your mind, that needs changing.


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4 thoughts on “Thoughts on this Whole “Transgender” Craze

  1. In just about every other medical matter, the response to an illness is supposed to be to do the least invasive/painful/costly treatment for the patient and see if that works. If if doesn’t work, then you up the ante a little. If it still doesn’t work, then maybe you start considering extremely invasive treatments or loading the patient up with pharmaceuticals. I just can’t imagine a non-fatal illness being treated the way transgenderism is currently being treated. Have a one hour session with a therapist and get your prescription for hormones which can cause heart disease and emotional/rage issues or cancer and blood clots depending on which you’re taking. Put yourself on a path toward medically unnecessary surgery which will ultimately put you on a lifetime of HRT unless you want to enter early menopause. The medical establishment has to be thoroughly corrupt to consider doing this to minors.

    And since treatment of transgenderism is entering into an informed consent basis, no need for an official diagnosis even for minors, then it should be treated like any other cosmetic body modification — no health insurance coverage for it except to maintain HRT post-surgery.

    • More a reply to Keshmeshi than anything, but here goes.

      I will admit I’m a female-to-male transsexual only for the context of my views regarding youth being diagnosed with GID.

      I had found there to be problems with the correlation between having a female body and how I regard myself ever since I was kid. I did things like ask a doctor if there was a way to remove my breasts shortly after I went through puberty, I felt horribly awkward when I was in two different classes – one aerobic, all female; one weight lifting, all male – and I had to leave the aerobic one because it felt awkward, and the thought of sex being alright only connected when it was between two men.

      On my own, admittedly poorly done, covert research, I found out about age sixteen back in 2006 about transsexualism and I all I knew about the cost was ‘very expensive’ and ‘no medical coverage’. I nonetheless felt committed to go through it as soon as I had the money and to commit to the legal and health requirements I’d be advised to. Today, I’m now three years through HRT.

      But how I feel about diagnosing kids and tumblrites coming up with genderqueer stuff today? It’s kind of ridiculous, and though I don’t really regret starting at all, I did come to learn that I’m in fact a bit libertarian, and I do in fact have a lot of difficulty understanding people who transition just to ‘fit in better’ or whatnot. I have egalitarian beliefs, but I’m nonetheless constantly frustrated by people who say, “Men have vaginas too!” or that ftm way back when who interrupted his HRT just to be the “pregnant man” in the sense that I feel it devalues the fact that I’m just here to live as much to a phenotypical man as modern medicine would allow. I’ve not been frugally saving up and being as cautiously stealth in public as I have just to hear some twat act like they’re ‘trans’ because they fuck their girlfriend with a dildo (I’m also kind of insulted by the suggestion I had from the one time I entertained going to a trans group that using a strap-on for sex and throwing away the fact that one wants to be accepted as ‘male’ as an okay thing).

      I don’t go through what I go through to be lumped in with this crowd of people who think they can get away with things because they’re an oppressed minority. It’s something I do to be done with, and I treat it very much like a privilege to be left to legally and safely do it.

      The kid thing, ah right. As I’ve found to be somewhat libertarian, I disagree with it. Biological sex isn’t the same thing as sexual identity obviously, but I feel it’s better left if the kid was instead taught to understand that there are not necessarily any benefits to transitioning; that respectable people, male or female, have to earn respect and be grateful for it. The discovering of one’s sexual identity (in my case, fantasies with a man that specifically necessitate being biologically male as I’ve had for years) can be a minor part of it, I’d say, but I definitely also believe you shouldn’t actually expect to get laid immediately after either. One in that line of that should simply have the piece of mind that things would match up should they be lucky enough to meet someone who can be fine with the imperfections. And I must emphasize that I really abhor the movement of fat people shaming others for not finding them unanimously attractive, and I extend that to transsexual/transgender people who do likewise.

      I could keep rambling, but I’d rather not.

  2. This is one of the best articles I have read on transgender. Congratulations. When I was a child, in the 50s, my aunt was a hermaphrodite. (Don’t hear that much). She had external female genitalia, but inverted testes. She lived as a man. She had a female partner. That is transgender. Because at that time, there was no surgical remedy. But today, she would have had surgery… I don’t know what sex she would have chosen. Today, what is transgender? It’s not like back in the 50s when girls had to play with dolls and boys played with trucks. We have the freedom to be masculine or feminine, regardless of sexuality. But some people are never happy. Because a small group of people are not happy with themselves, (2%?), 98% are limited, their rights violated, and made to feel that something his wrong with them… when they are just being normal.. Yes, sorry, normal. (majority says so). So if you want to be ‘transgender’, cross dress, role play.. feel free. But stay out of my bathroom! Because if you have testes and a penis, I am not comfortable with you there.

  3. I searched this topic because of my experience at the grocery store today. The Transgendered cashier in the express line was talking to several women in front of me. So many personal details were being exhumed from the graveyard of his past. “His wife left him for his lawyer. Now he can’t find a woman (Perhaps it has something to do with painting his nails and dressing like a woman?)” He added “I was a Marine making $17,000 a month (my intuition tells me this was a lie). I smelled crap, but all the women smelled roses. It was TMI in my opinion, and I never hear cashiers tell so many intimate details to strangers. It just felt very off.
    So, he was so self ingrossed apparentlly that he didn’t give the woman ahead of me her five cents of change. So, I paid her the five cents out of my pocket. She said “Oh you want to get rid of us!” She was referring to how long I waited listening to “TMI”.
    The Trangendered guy said to me in “Ego to the maximum Potency” mode “You don’t want me to go all Vampire on you, do you?” I had such a moment of cognitive dissonance that I didn’t reply. When I got home, that remark weighed on my mind, and I made an online complaint about it to the grocery store basically saying “Was that a threat?” I think people like this like to target me because I see through them, and also because they think that being a nice person and I’m going to be passive and a easy mark. I’m sure he will either deny this or blame me for being a “sensitive” person.

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