The Meaningless Distraction of Social Justice

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Wages are stagnating, our dollar is inflating, the economic prospect of the west isn’t looking good. Most of us are growing up in a time where opportunities to have even a modest living are shrinking away while the cost of living gets higher by the year.


And yet I’m told we need to have discussions about things, as if these things are going to shorten our work weeks and get us better pay. Apparently, we need to talk about transgender issues and gay characters in science fiction. We need to do away with the “gender binary,” said some hack writer from the Guardian. I’m told that misogyny and harassment and trolling exists on the internet, yes, the internet of all places, and it needs to be addressed because it’s hurting women’s feelings and taking away their opportunities to be engineers. We need to have this discussion about cisprivilege and thatprivilege, because our world would be better if we just accepted people, all people, including weirdos and their fetishes.


However, I doubt this world would pay me more so I can support a future family, or protect that family from an economic collapse or a frivorce (same thing really).


I think it’s quite strange how all these trenches are being dug on battlefields that have no significance to our lives outside the internet where we have to live and work in continually declining economic conditions. It seems pointless whether or not the “guy” next to you identifies as a femme-showing transsexual when you and zir are homeless and eating out of the trash.


I’d be willing to bet that gay/trans/race/women’s issues are only being pushed as hard as they are because they represent a safe release value for the legions of overeducated and underemployed college grads who make their homes on the internet. The progressives in media highlight an elusive boogeyman which doesn’t threaten the economic powers that be, the liberal economic powers that be, but is nonetheless an issue which allows all the useful idiots to get their rage on. These battle lines are purposefully drawn in a virtual playpen so that absolutely nothing changes in the real world even if the Social Justice Warriors win. In the era of mass media, these things exist precisely because they’re a meaningless distraction. If they were anything else, there would be radio silence.


Meanwhile, the media profits by presenting the college-educated proles with clickbait and the politicians benefit by having legions of news-fed useful idiots. The elites know they’ve screwed the pooch economically thanks to globalism, crony capitalism, debt, you name it, but they don’t want to take the blame. So they engineer other issues on the deck of a sinking Titanic. No, it’s not globalism that’s making our lives worse; it’s institutional sexism. No, it’s not an issue that we can actually solve; it’s this illusive and invisible mythos of privilege that can only be fought with a hashtag campaign on twitter.


And here I sit as a young man and blue collar worker with a useless and unused Bachelor’s Degree, trying to figure out my own opportunities in life, but finding few. I wonder, who the hell is actually advocating for labor these days? It’s not the feminists, Social Justice Warriors, or the tri-gender otherkin on tumblr. All the true blue Marxists who would be tearing down the banking system were bounced out of the protest for having inadequately pale skin pigmentation and a dangler between their legs.


Hmmm. I wonder who orchestrated that…

5 thoughts on “The Meaningless Distraction of Social Justice

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  3. Yes, you understand exactly my friend. I arrived at a similar conclusion to your article by searching some key words and it brought me to your blog. What gets me is that legalizing gay marriage is important no doubt, but it doesn’t actually require “the man” to give up anything. He still has all the power and money that he had before, meanwhile we celebrate a relatively meaningless victory for a class of people that make up 5% of our population. I mean wtf? On my Facebook feed, more straight people were celebrating the Supreme Court’s marriage decision than actual gay people. Like you said it’s just the illusion of freedom. It’s like the fashion accessory of freedom.

  4. Nail on the head my friend. I had arrived at the same conclusion. I am fifty three and seen a bit, the first distraction was animal rights back in the eighties that had all the grads looking the other way while they were fucked, now its gender pronouns. The working class and the under class are just not sexy enough. And its hard to fight for things that matter, those that stand to loose tend to fight hard, and dirty.

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