Why Social Justice Warriors Suck Part 4: The Social Justice Singularity of Insanity

Another toxic component of the Social Justice Warrior psychology is not just attacking perceived oppression and injustice through witch hunts, or about finding a purpose through contrived oppression, but about gaining status among other Social Justice Warriors for extra validation.


If everyone is a special snowflake then no one is special. If you’re a Social Justice Warrior trying to find validation for your meaningless life, and all the other Social Justice Warriors are trying to do the same, then the real threat to your metal state isn’t the racist, neo-nazi skinhead, but your fellow warriors beating you at your own game. In order to succeed as a Social Justice Warrior, you need to find a way to distance yourself from them. No, actually, you should find a way to out-social justice them. That means one-upping the social justice warriors around you. Not only are you Holy, but you are Holier than all the others.


For example: let’s say you’re not racist and treat people as individuals. That’s fine, but everyone else in your clique does that too. So, to get over on them, you also must like the oppressed, and not just like the oppressed, but prefer the company of the oppressed, and not just prefer the company of the oppressed, but hate everyone that isn’t the oppressed, and not just hate everyone that isn’t the oppressed, but you must identify as a member of the oppressed, and not just identify as a member of the oppressed, but believe that you are a member of the oppressed born into the wrong body. Yes, that’s a thing. The tumblrists call it Transethnic.


This presents a problem: because every Social Justice Warrior tries to out-justice the other Social Justice Warriors, their beliefs can only become more extreme. There is no other choice; the social justice warriors can’t beat the others in a status competition if they go against the holy doctrine progressive narrative.


Every school of leftist thought does this against itself. Feminists of old, for example, might be confused by the recent development of body acceptance and anti-fat shaming. If the old guard made up of aging hippies, yuppies and healthfood nuts believes that obesity is harmful, then, according to fourth wave feminism, they are bigots, sexists, and patriarchal allies, or worse: conservatives (never mind that the old guard was burning bras before the millennials were born). White, liberal, anti-racists do this too. They not only seek social justice justice for other oppressed people, but they flog themselves over the privileges they have. The more they hate their race, the holier they appear. And if you were wondering, trying to stick out from the social justice crowd also explains why white, middle class, tumblrists constantly invent new sexualities and identities that are literally insane by our current-day standards. But you just wait a few decades…


This zealous push for increasing purity and status gives rise to more radical ideologies, which generates even more radical ideologies, which spirals downward into greater radicalism. Given enough time, and assuming it doesn’t stop, the ideology of the liberals/leftists/social justice warriors (whatever you prefer to call them) will accelerate to increasing irrationality until the bayonets turn toward everyone, then, when everyone is either in line or dead, they will turn to each other for not being holy enough. It is the memetic equivalent of a malignant tumor.


I’m not sure who you are. You might be a moderate, tolerant liberal in this day and age. However, you would’ve been considered a radical leftist 50 years ago, and you will be considered a radical conservative 50 years from now. If you haven’t been labeled on oppressor yet by today’s Social Justice Warriors then, trust me, you will be. Time just hasn’t caught up with you yet. The steamroller of progress is coming for you, and it will get to you.


That is, unless we can stop the psychology behind it.

3 thoughts on “Why Social Justice Warriors Suck Part 4: The Social Justice Singularity of Insanity

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  2. Thank you for writing this! About time people start speaking out against SJWs for censoring people’s views and taking away our right to voice a valid opinion. They’re oppressing society!

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