Why Social Justice Warriors Suck Part 3: The Cowardice of Bullies

In my previous posts on the subject, I explained that social justice warriors are weaklings with no sense of purpose except for the fictional crusades they manufacture, and how they inject those crusades into every discourse and media, whether it belongs there or not.


Both these things together make social justice warriors into the worst kind of people: pussies looking for a fight. They want to spread their ideology for validation’s sake against the oppressors of the land, but, because they’ve been sheltered all their lives, they wear psychic armor of glass, crumpling at the nearest hint of actual oppression.


The perfect example of this was tumblr’s hilariously bad attempt at attacking 4chan on July 4th. They fought the only way Social Justice Warriors can truly fight; they mobbed the boards and shamed people. 4chan, being 4chan, fought back with a much more potent weapon: their worst nightmares triggers. In the end, the tumblrists retreated to have their existential meltdowns without adversely harming 4chan whatsoever. At least the trolls got to bring their guns to tumblr’s knife-fight.


You know who acts like this in real life? The bullies with no backbone, who feign toughness and swagger until they receive the lightest tap on the nose. The Social Justice Warriors, like the schoolyard bully, are simply a bunch of narcissistic cowards (but with social messiah complexes), who’ve never been in a real fight. They will light up twitter against the latest perceived sexism and racism in the industry (from the safety of their computer screens), get people fired and blacklisted, get games shut down and edited to suit their image, but the moment their tactics are used on them, attacking their reputations and their livelihoods, then suddenly mobbing your opponents is a no good very bad thing, and we need to sit down and have a discussion, we need to stop the harassment.


Sorry, but I don’t buy it at all. If the social justice warriors truly knew the meaning of justice and fairness then they would have stopped themselves from posting hit piece after hit piece against gamers for the last few years. They wouldn’t have wrote off criticism as bigotry or used minorities as human shields. If they understood true justice then they would have gracefully backed down from the conflict, maybe even admitting that they overstepped some bounds.


But they haven’t, and they won’t. They keep falling back and doubling-down because they’re cowards with egos on the line.


Personally, I feel no pity for them. You poke a hornet’s nest, you’ll get stung, and no one but the least self-aware should be surprised at that. This reaction has been a long time coming, and it needs to happen. A lesson must be learned.



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3 thoughts on “Why Social Justice Warriors Suck Part 3: The Cowardice of Bullies

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  2. These animated pieces of shit have no idea about justice or equality, their idea about justice is to enslave everyone under a communist police state and murder anyone who is not black-haired and brown-eyed. They are racist enemies who require destruction. If the western world is to survive, let alone maintain its freedom, we may have no choice but to rise up and wage full scale war to exterminate this communist threat once and for all. The only ‘good’ SJW is one who is dead.

  3. I know nothing of computers,I don’t trust this sight. No offence,your all dead on. Why don’t we lobby zuckerburg,or who ever. There was a piece on 20/20.
    I m just gonna not take a chance,and guck one of them up. If I’m wring I’m right. Trust is only earned by eye to eye man to man communication.

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