Why Social Justice Warriors Suck Part 2: Ruining Dinner Parties… And Everything Else.

A friend of mine is an assistant professor at a very liberal school in a very liberal town in a fairly liberal state. He teaches Marxism for fuck’s sake, and yet he is still my friend precisely because we have unspoken lines regarding certain discussions that we do not cross. Any political or religious debate between us would only harm our friendship, and so we mutually avoid those topics for the good of our relationship. Most sane people understand this and would prefer to never know their associates’ political or religious orientations, whether they be friends, family, or coworkers.


What you don’t want is to make politics, or religion for that matter, a primary focus for an organization that has no political or religious purpose. For example, people go to work not to have debates, but to actually work. Any injection of politics in that scenario would only divide the workers/management against each other, make them less productive, and harm the organization itself. Whether this is your business, your family, your fiction or even your video games, we’d all prefer to leave unnecessary, galvanizing topics out of the mix. Broaching those topics requires a specified time and place, and clear ground rules.


And this is precisely why Social Justice Warriors suck so much, and should be met with almost universal scorn, even from people of their own political orientation. Unlike everyone else who would rather keep these stances private, or left in the voting booth, the Social Justice Warriors want to inject their cocktail of politics into every medium and organization that doesn’t adequately stop them at the door. They are driven by self-righteousness moralizing, and so they see every parcel of media as a new opportunity to spread their ideology.


Folks like Larry Correa lament the intrusion of SJW’s into science fiction. In an ideal world, science fiction is meant to entertain, first and foremost, for if you have no story as part of your storytelling, then you are merely writing an awkwardly-constructed essay. Politics and religion are only means to an end – to give the story character. To make politics or religion the focal point in fiction and force the story into the backseat is to undermine the ends for the means. However, the SJW sees this as an opportunity to spread their gospel, and so they write politically-correct fables set in space yet can’t conceive why their sales plummet. Must be the internet or video games or something taking peoples’ attention.


Speaking of video games, have you heard of Zoe Quinn? Right. Enough said. Moving on…


It won’t just end with Video Games. They are merely the latest casualty. Comics, movies, television are eroding bastions for social justice. Where once these things were treated apolitically so that more people could enjoy them, unified in a common attraction to those genres, titles, or forms of entertainment, they are now being divided by the politics of the Social Justice Warriors. Games must showcase not only a rainbow coalition, but must acquiesce to the Perpetually Offended. Heroes must be gender-bent, racial-bent, with ambiguous sexualities. It is no longer about the entertainment itself. All media must teach a code of Social Justice. And once the power of political correctness has made the region toxic, the Social Justice Warriors will move to the next opportunity to “educate” the masses.


They are the leftist equivalent of the church lady who brings up religion at every casual gathering, or the evangelical who is obsessed with proselytizing at every opportunity. Imagine if we were in a dimension where every comic hero had to reference Judeo-Christian values, and every video game had a Christian message. What if every science fiction story was a quasi-biblical tale where plot was sacrificed for message? What would we think of that world where such media not only merely existed but that most media was that way, and the crowd pushing those values wanted more without end, attacking anyone who stood in their way as a heretic?


We would clearly see the intrusion for what it was – a divisive measure used to propagate certain views. We would distance ourselves from it. We would react against the proselytizers.


That is why, in this world, we need to react against the Social Justice Warriors. In their quest for tolerance, they produce hatred. In their quest for inclusion, they produce separation.


This is not a right/left issue, but an issue of personality flaws. Honestly, there’s nothing inherently wrong with trying to solve problems of injustice, by whatever metric one tends to view them. What’s toxic is the psychopathology, the egotistical desire behind them which will ruin all institutions that harbor these people, whether they are the hipster indie game dev conning their way to produce the banal Social Justice Quest, or the bible-thumping preacher found smoking meth in the men’s bathroom. They are merely different manifestations of the same psychosis.


This obsession with trying to change the world in your image must be reversed. Until that happens, there’s no point in getting mad or being surprised that the infection has spread.



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8 thoughts on “Why Social Justice Warriors Suck Part 2: Ruining Dinner Parties… And Everything Else.

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  2. I plead guilty as charged, of discussing politics in gatherings where it really wasn’t appropriate. It’s hard to avoid this, because when the government taxes, regulates, and subsidizes so much of our lives, *everything* becomes a political issue. But I’m done trying to save the world, or even raise awareness. I’ll look after myself and my children come what may.

    It took me years to unlearn my parents’ Marxist values, re-examining every sacred truth I once held dear. When shit gets real, your professor friend will, if he wishes to continue living, have about two weeks to make the same adjustment.

    • I understand. It’s hard for Conservatives to put a lid on it because we’ve been beaten down so much. Part of it is a defense mechanism, part of it is searching for potential allies. I think there’s a difference between the faction in power bringing up their topics at the dinner party as a means to solidify their stance and search for heretics, versus the faction being crushed by the power bringing up their topics at a dinner party as a cry for help (for lack of a better term).

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  4. They are not about justice or tolerance. Their mantra of Listen and Believe is scary. They preach fear, talk about safe spaces, created this nonsensical concept of privilege based on sex and the color of ones skin. If a person considered to be one lacking privilege and wants to be judged on merit, not because they are entitle, the SJWs accuse that person of misogyny.

    The say all males are toxic, prone to violence. They inflate violence statistics on women. They report that we are a rape culture disregarding that rape stats reports decreased 11% in 2013. They fail to tell you that these stats include threats of rape and attempted rape, while sexual crimes reported on men only report actual penetration. Until these statistics use the same criteria to report crime, they will continue to perpetuate lies.

    They taint and destroy everything they touch. They claim they bring equality, but are harbingers of death.

    And that’s me being hopeful.

    Has anyone noticed the feminization of men? or worse yet, men who are apologetic for simply being male?

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  6. It is all about control and conformity with these SJW dogs. They are a threat to freedom and a threat to civilization, and NEVER try talking to them about economics, it is one topic they are clueless about. If any of these fucktards ever got into power they would put the world into a Second Great Depression within 6 months.

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