The Man You Would Have Been

Take two plants; grow one in light and the other in darkness. The one grown in darkness will turn out yellow and weak. The one from the light will be green and strong. You can take clones of the same seed and get the different results, as the same genetic individual can grow into two completely different forms.


As a man, you were likely grown like a plant with no light. The ideas that were given to you, that you adhered to, were vacant of any vital sustenance, and you thus grew into a malnourished form of a man. Had you been without these ideas, your growth would have likely been a natural consequence of your environment, though not an easy one.


That development was something that all our preceding fathers undertook, and some took to it with ease. For many, forming a sense of masculinity was no more or less difficult than coming to a true sense of self. Without brand image and online profiles, a man was defined by his deeds and character. Being a man in a world that required and rewarded them was the norm, rather than the exception. Their bodies were naturally built because their work was hard. Our ancient fathers were driven because to strive was to live. There was no political correctness to cloud one’s concept of the opposite sex. Knowledge was gained from their fathers and firsthand experience, thus there was no question and subsequent revelation on the nature of women like there is now.


Today, we are men grown without masculine insight, like plants grown without sun. The manosphere is here to make you a better man, but mostly to make you into the man that you could have been. Really, the man you would have been, had conditions been normal. The incel and the omega are not natural. They are the artificial product of our system. The alpha and the greater beta are what we were supposed to be if allowed to grow with proper nourishment.


While it’s important to break free of the current zeitgeist’s conditioning, what is more effective, I believe, is prevent this conditioning from happening in the first place. The manosphere has done well to allow men to ascend to new heights despite all the resistance it gets from outsiders. However, the problem lies in the manosphere being reactive, not proactive. We are damage control. Our writing was (and still is) aimed at each other, which was appropriate when we were trying to simply piece together what was left of our masculinity. Now, we have moved on from the education stage and into the experimental stage. This is where we can shift gears.


Pardon me for dredging up an old issue, but Elliot Rodger wasn’t the only one of his kind – merely the 1 out of 1,000 that acted out. His life (or non-life) and following death is an indication that it’s unwise to sit back and let broken men come to us after the fact. Had someone stepped in early on, his life would have been different. An ounce of prevention is greater than a pound of cure. As I said before, many of us grew up without sustenance. That aspect of our society hasn’t changed and, in many ways, has gotten worse. Those men and boys who are going through the grinder today are likely to be in a worse state, not better.


So if your one-night stands have all become the same, if you’re bored going you own way, if you have bountiful leisure time while enjoying the decline, or if you’re looking for a different form of Men’s Right’s Activism, then perhaps you should consider my suggestion: it might be beneficial to you and to others if you became a big brother or youth counselor, or merely a role model to a relative close to you. I know it would have done me some good as a young man. It probably would have done the same for you too.


Remember: paternalism is “alpha”.

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  2. I’m hoping that as the manosphere grows, more will be written about how to raise boys into red pill men. I’m a mom of a 4-month-old son, and my aim is so raise him with this knowledge from the start so he won’t have to learn it by going through a painful awakening after wasting years of his life as a feminized beta.
    There is a plethora of advice for men, but not so much for boys at this point. There’s so much that could be written, from how to help your boy find friends who do more than just play video games to why you should avoid after school activities that give trophies just for showing up, but to my knowledge no one has stepped up to the plate and done it yet. I do think the need for it will grow in coming years as more men and wemen discover the manosphere and seek to avoid having their children grow up being taught damaging blue pill lies.

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