Patriarchy Pt 2: What if Men Disappeared?


I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time now, way before judgybitch made a similar post on the subject. Hers is a good read and I highly recommend it. Hat tip to her for motivating me to write mine.


She asked the question: what would happen if men didn’t show up to work today? Time to give that idea some steroids.


Let’s have a thought experiment.


One day a wizard comes down to Earth. Or maybe it’s aliens. Or wizard aliens.


They cast a spell/raygun on the Earth which splits Earth into two different dimensions. All men go to Dimension 1 and all women go to Dimension 2. For two years, men and women will live on their respective, completely mirrored Earths with the same infrastructure, same technology, same resources, same climate, etc etc. Let’s just see what happens. All data for this by the way can be found here.


1: Food, water, and electricity.


Given that Earth’s housing is still intact on both worlds and half the population has been spirited away, shelter won’t be a problem. What will be a problem, however, is food, water and electricity.


First, food:


Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers: 75.5% men, 24.5% women.

Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations: 77.3% men, 22.7% women.

Buyers and purchasing agents, farm products: 100% men, 0% women.

Agricultural engineers: 100% men, 0% women.

Agricultural and food scientists: 100% men, 0% women.

Agricultural inspectors: 100% men, 0% women.

Miscellaneous agricultural workers: 81.1% men, 18.9% women.

Graders and sorters, agricultural products: 40.2% men, 59.8% women.


So Earth 1, Man-Earth, despite having half the mouths to feed, still has all the farms in working order. If something ends up happening to Earth’s food surplus, more can certainly be farmed. Perhaps some farmers would be in some financial trouble for consumption being cut in half, but at least the population would be fed. Heck, if anything, the extra food might be sent to the starving men in Africa.


On Woman-Earth, however, most of the farmers have disappeared. When 4am runs around, the farm equipment is still sitting in the barn. There are still crops in the field, ready to be watered, fertilized, and harvested, but most women don’t know how to run the farming equipment needed to process them. So would there be famines, starvation, children and mothers dying from malnutrition? Well, no. Critical thinking caps on for a second. The amount of food we have right now, given half the population, might last those two years if rationed effectively. Of course, all fresh fruit and vegetables would become a rarity and canned spam would probably be the norm, but mass starvation would probably be avoided. The girls would live on. Maybe.


Next is water:


Water and wastewater treatment plant and system operators: 95.5% men, 4.5% women.


Okay, maybe not.


At 3:30, a man on Man-Earth wakes up, brushes his teeth, shits, showers and shaves as usual, then goes down to work his shit-kicker job at the municipal water works. It’s tough, it’s not glamorous, but it’s a living, and thank goodness for him because all the other men on the grid will be able to shit, shower and shave as well. Water, the most vital thing to humans, except for maybe air, will still pour from the faucets, clean and drinkable. Industrial plants would still be able to run, so would every business that requires water. But most of all, there would be no water riots in the streets. Nobody slitting someone else’s throat for a bottle of Dasani.


On Woman-Earth however, I wouldn’t flush the toilet. Whereas food might be taken care of for women due to surpluses of processed food, water is not. When water stops coming out of the pipes, when you can’t safely dispose of your waste, you get sickness. Oh, but it gets worse.




Electrical and electronics engineers: 91% men, 9% women.

Electrical power-line installers and repairers: 97.6% men, 2.4% women.

Electrical and electronics repairers, industrial and utility: 100% men, 0% women.

Power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers: 100% men, 0% women.


Man-Earth not only has water, but they also have power, ensuring a nice, hot cup of coffee to start the day. Not only that, but streetlights and traffic lights, convenience stores and computers all still work. Men could probably even turn on their TVs and surf the internet. In our modern world, nothing works without electricity, and Man-Earth has it.


On Woman-Earth, unfortunately, whole cities go dark as every aspect of their modern lives grinds to a halt. Traffic lights no longer function. Women can’t get to their bank accounts to pay for the remaining food, not that their credit cards, or even the cash registers, would work anymore. Frozen food and dairy would spoil within only a few days without refrigeration, and, without electrical ovens to cook anything, women are left eating cold, canned food. One probably couldn’t imagine what life would be like if all electricity suddenly disappeared across the planet. Not even electrical generators would be a usable secondary option, as we shall see.


2: Transportation and oil.


People underestimate how vital land, air, and sea logistics are in our modern age. There’s no point in having massive stores of food and water if they sit unused in remote warehouses. Getting them to people is just as important as manufacturing them in the first place. Once again, the difference between Man-Earth and Woman-Earth is striking.


Driver/sales workers and truck drivers: 94.6% men, 5.4% women.

Industrial truck and tractor operators: 92.6% men, 7.4% women.

Material moving workers, all other: 100% men, 0% women.

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers: 95.9% men, 4.1% women.

Air traffic controllers and airfield operations specialists: 100% men, 0% women.

Avionics technicians: 100% men, 0% women.

Ship and boat captains and operators: 100% men, 0% women.

Ship engineers: 100% men, 0% women.

Locomotive engineers and operators: 100% men, 0% women.

Railroad brake, signal, and switch operators: 100% men, 0% women.

Railroad conductors and yardmasters: 94.4% men, 5.6% women.

Transportation inspectors: 100% men, 0% women.


It’s pretty clear that Man-Earth has all the truck drivers, pilots, ship captains, railroad workers and their respective assistants needed to transport goods around the globe. Men will be able to buy and consume the crops that the farmers have made. Materials needed for construction will cross the seas and continents as they always have, allowing life to continue far differently than before, but nonetheless uninterrupted. Perhaps missing half the species will cause a drop in consumption, causing an economic recession, but the capital and the labor needed to run society will still be there, waiting for the resurgence.


On Woman-Earth however, trucks, trains, planes and ships will sit unused, for most women don’t have the expertise to run them. The large quantities of preserved and canned food will remain in the warehouses around the country. Grocery store shelves will dwindle quickly and new shipments will not come. On Woman-Earth, there is no water, electricity, and, for many, no food. But even moving from place to place will be a problem, because transportation is entwined with the prevalence of fossil fuels.


Oil, Gas and Coal:


Derrick, rotary drill, and service unit operators, oil, gas, and mining: 100% men, 0% women.

Mining machine operators: 99.7% men, 0.3% women.

Roustabouts, oil and gas: 100% men, 0% women.

Petroleum engineers: 100% men, 0% women.


Transportation is entirely linked to fossil fuels, and since men by far are the drillers and miners and processors of those fuels, Man-Earth is having a pretty significant gas surplus. A man can get in his car and drive wherever he wants. Populations can consolidate into cities if resources need to be centralized, or men can leave for the countryside and live on their own until women return.


That freedom is not afforded to those on Woman-Earth. As the pumps run dry because fuel isn’t being transported and no new fuel is being made, women will have a hard time going anywhere without gas. Cars and motorcycles, being the last remaining form of motorized transportation, will become useless once the gas reserves are eliminated. There will be little to no trade and almost no communication. Going from place to place will be left to walking or biking, the latter of course being dependent on bike mechanics. By this time, whatever electrical generators women have would be useless.


3: Resources, Maintenance and Construction.


Even if one has the ability to maintain something, the skill alone is not enough if you don’t have raw materials for replacement parts. To get those things, you need to have the knowledge and capital to take resources from the environment.




Logging workers: 100% men, 0% women.

Earth drillers, except oil and gas: 100% men, 0% women.

Mining machine operators: 99.7% men, 0.3% women.

Explosives workers, ordnance handling experts, and blasters: 100% men, 0% women.


So not only does Man-Earth have the labor and knowledge needed to repair the infrastructure, but also has the tools and workers to be able to mine, cultivate, cut, and process the raw materials needed to continue that endeavor. Without that, no construction can follow.


Unfortunately, Woman-Earth is greatly lacking in that capacity. However such a thing isn’t really worried about on Woman-Earth, given the lack of water and food and electricity. I’m sure there are some women who are able to live more or less unchained from modernity, off the grid as it were, but without maintenance their personal solar panels and wind generators would begin to break down.




Electric motor, power tool, and related repairers: 100% men, 0% women.

Electrical and electronics installers and repairers, transportation equipment: 100% men, 0% women.

Electrical and electronics repairers, industrial and utility: 100% men, 0% women.

Maintenance and repair workers, general: 97.8% men, 2.2% women.

Maintenance workers, machinery: 100% men, 0% women.

Electrical power-line installers and repairers: 97.6% men, 2.4% women.

Highway maintenance workers: 98.5% men, 1.5% women.


Both Earths have the infrastructure, but it is Man-Earth that has the means to repair it and keep it maintained. Power lines, highways, and plumbing will continue to run, leaving men with business as usual, more or less, albeit with far less city traffic.


Without anyone to repair the infrastructure on Woman-Earth, things would begin to deteriorate. Though, repairing those things makes little sense when essential services need to be focused on. I have no doubt then that women would find a far better use for their time and adapt in their own way. However, their life will be a far cry from what they’re used to.




Electricians: 98.2% men, 1.8% women.

Construction laborers: 97.1% men, 2.9% women.

Brickmasons, blockmasons, and stonemasons: 99.9% men, 0.1% women.

Carpenters: 98.4% men, 1.6% women.

Roofers: 98.5% men, 1.5% women.

Hazardous materials removal workers: 100% men, 0% women.

Septic tank servicers and sewer pipe cleaners: 100% men, 0% women.


The trend by now should be obvious.


Man-Earth has the manpower (pun intended) to not only run the current infrastructure, maintain it, but also to keep building. It has power, water, transportation and the majority of engineers, scientists, and mathematicians. Who’s to say men wouldn’t build more and better bridges, or even devote these vast surpluses of time and resources to something else, like perhaps going to space?


Women-Earth… Well, do I need to say it?


4: Communications:


Radio and telecommunications equipment installers and repairers: 94.2% men, 5.8% women.

Telecommunications line installers and repairers: 95.2% men, 4.8% women.

Electronic home entertainment equipment installers and repairers: 99.5% men, 0.5% women.


You’d think that Man-Earth would be in chaos with women gone. But with internet, TV, video games, music and phones still around, there would be plenty to keep men relaxed and distracted. Sure, there might not be any new porn coming out, but the archives and servers will still be up, thanks to the work of men. National and international communications would still be connected, which means that Man-Earth has the networks needed to coordinate vast logistics lines. Or they could just watch porn.


On Woman-Earth, the power is still out. But even if the power weren’t out, there wouldn’t be enough women communications engineers keeping the entire internet running, or the TV shows going, or the satellites in contact. Even if the lights were on, the cell phones and TV wouldn’t work. There would be no way to contact women on a continental scale. The fastest way to spread information in a world without electricity or gas would be by horse or bicycle. To coordinate efforts by government or any other authority would be near impossible.


5: Government and Security


Police and sheriff’s patrol officers: 87.4% men, 12.6% women.

Security guards and gaming surveillance officers: 81.5% men, 18.5% women.

Firefighters: 96.6% men, 3.4% women.

Emergency medical technicians and paramedics: 68.8% men, 31.2% women.


At first glance, one would think that Man-Earth would be a more violent place, given that men would be all sexually frustrated and whatnot. At least, that’s the intuitive conclusion. But considering that Man-Earth contains the majority of police officers, security guards, firefighters, EMT’s, and soldiers, it might actually be a safer place.


That’s because Woman-Earth would be largely defenseless. Mass power outages and food/water shortages without police would lead to chaos and violence. No lights and electricity means that candles would be in use, greatly increasing the risk of fire. Without water and firefighters to put out those fires, you might see whole cities burn to the ground. If one had the choice to live in the brawny, testosterone-fueled Man-Earth or the dark, anarchist Woman-Earth, which is probably on fire, I know what I would pick.




It’s difficult to know what government would be like between the two Earths, but I can infer a few things.


The tax base of Man-Earth will probably remain intact, since modern commerce and manufacturing would still be present, while at the same time government expenditure through social and health programs, which women take a disproportionate amount, would decrease, leaving, most likely, a tax surplus. However it’s important to consider how big of a power vacuum would be left on Man-Earth with women gone. Given this source, stating that men make up the majority of politicians, it doesn’t seem there would be a very big one. Government would probably remain intact and functional, though probably unstable due to these new changes.


On Woman-Earth, you’d see a majority of politicians simply evaporating. Horrible, I know, but consider that without them there would be a much larger power vacuum that women would have to contend with. But given the state of the nation at that point, without power, water or communication, a government would not be able to function anyways. Even if it could remain and stay functional, the tax base would be gone. There would be no commerce of which to tax. The government wouldn’t even be able to do anything.


6: Going Nuclear


Nuclear engineers: 100% men, 0% women.


On Man-Earth, a man gets up, has his coffee, reads the paper, and has some microwaved waffles that have been delivered halfway across the country by men, from farms tended by men. He then brushes his teeth with clean water from the sink and takes his daily shower. His car is still gassed up in the driveway, and he heads off to work with very little morning traffic. He arrives at work at the local nuclear power plant and begins his day with keeping track of the reactor. He talks with his buddies, meets some of the newly hired Human Resources guys and tells a dirty joke he heard on the radio while driving in. He eats his lunch, a sandwich, which only cost him a few cents thanks to the food surplus. When the day is done, he goes out to grab a few beers and watch football. The only thing that is really all that different from old Earth are the disappointing lack of cheerleaders. He goes home and finds his house still intact, turns the lights down low, gets on the internet for you know what, then goes to sleep.


On Woman-Earth, society continues as it always had since men left. Without alarm clocks, there is no way to wake the women up except for the morning sun. Without cars, there is no way to quickly get to the local nuclear power plant and check on it. Without power, there is no way to get into the building, as the gates remain in lockdown. Thus, when the reactor finally melts down and begins releasing radiation, there is no one there to notice and no way to get the word out. The slow leaking of radiation goes unnoticed to the local population, and to the rest of the world.




Women aren’t going to like this realization, but, ask yourself, who in this little thought experiment was better off? Which sex contributes more to our modern civilization?


The answer is pretty clear to me.


It is men who give us power, and men who give us water. Men pave our roads, they drive our products along those roads, they even mine the raw materials that were used to make those products. They defend us, put out our fires, and generally save our asses when we need it.That’s not to say that women don’t contribute in their own way, because they certainly do, but men; poor men, blue collar men, hard working men, make up the backbone of our civilization. They are the essential piece to our modern society that keeps everything else working.


However the endeavor of those men has been overlooked because their work is low status and behind the scenes. That is a problem in and of itself, but it goes even further. The more egregious offense is that men, as a whole, are actually attacked for all they do.


The concept of Privilege is used as a bludgeon to shame all men into submission, while the society that men have built and maintained is attacked by the slander of Patriarchy.


Those who use privilege and Patriarchy as academic insults against men have not worked the jobs that men have worked. Those who take men’s efforts for granted have no clue how their decadent, modern existence is made possible. It is insulting for those people to call for “fairness” and “equality” from their papered station because they are already the recipients of everything men have worked for.


If men have privilege it is because men have earned their privilege through long nights and overtime. If there is a Patriarchy, it is because men have worked to build it, one rivet, one gallon of gas, and one line of code at a time.


There should be no shame in that.

19 thoughts on “Patriarchy Pt 2: What if Men Disappeared?

  1. Is on women DNA to be not grateful for their man efforts to give her a good life, for her is a given. This is also true on a global scale, feminism is just a global nagging wife who never has enough and is never happy and men as a collective have became pussy wiped hursbands. The state being the alpha bully lover.

  2. If it wasn’t for all those space monkeys pushing buttons and pulling levels…little miss princess would die in her own tears and filth.

    And here’s the thing women don’t get anymore due to constant brainwashing…they contribute to a civilization by producing more humans. That is the only arena where it’s women 100%-men 0%. You’d think they would take their only advantage and honor it…but that is also not in a women’s DNA.

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  4. First I will begin with Life after Men
    (What would happen if all the men suddenly vanished?)

    1 day After Men.
    The electricity has stopped, the grid went down and the lights went out, the cash registers and dish washers quit working. The few female engineers and technicians who work in utilities, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries are unable to cope with the scale of the problems. There are not enough hands to run plants and production facilities. The electric grid is the first to go. Credit cards don’t work. Checkout scanners don’t know how to process sales without the computers. Few trucks are moving. Food and product deliveries to stores have stopped.

    1 week After Men
    The water and sewer systems have failed in most communities. Natural gas has stopped. Homes have lost heating and lighting. Without deliveries of food there are shortages, many women are already going hungry. The food in freezers rotted when the electricity stopped. Even for women who work at food production plants, there are no deliveries or product distribution, and the machines don’t work without electricity or water. Shoe stores have closed. Cars stop working for lack of gasoline.

    1 month After Men
    City women are starving. There is no economy. Some have banded together in girl gangs going from house to house fighting and killing for remaining canned food. Stores have been looted. On a few farms some farm women are still eating and farming, but fuel shortages will soon stop their tractors. Already about 10% of women have died of famine, disease, and violence. The government has collapsed because all the staffers can’t function without managers and while “needs” for welfare have skyrocketed, there are no resources to provide for any of them. None of the staffers can function without the computers, phones, utilities, and resources anyway, even if they could get along without the 80% of taxes that men formerly paid. Medical care has pretty much disappeared unless you happen know a nurse or female doctor. The big hospitals have no supplies, utilities or lighting so they are closed. Schools and Universities have closed.

    1 year After Men
    A few women are still surviving in cities, finding caches of left over food, cooking on wood fires. Buildings are falling apart. Several cities burned after the firemen vanished. There are no replacements for guns, tools, and implements. Very few clothing or shoes are being produced. There are no surviving vehicles that still run. 90% of women have died. Some farm women harvest a few vegetables by hand.

    10 years After Men
    The death toll is well over 99% worldwide. A few women have formed small tribes and learned to hunt, particularly women who were from rural areas. They live in fear of wandering groups of violent thieves, but the number of remaining thieves is diminishing. In rural Africa some tribal women are still herding cows. In the Amazon jungle some women still plant yams with remaining steel knives.

    100 years After Men
    The last woman died 50 years ago. Nature is reclaiming the planet.

    Now let’s consider Life After Women
    (What would happen if all the women suddenly vanished?)

    1 day After Women
    Confusion reigns as businesses scramble to adjust to the missing female employees. Grocery and retail managers have to do the checkout scanning, but there are fewer customers so it works out. Billing clerks are missing from large corporations. Credit card companies have lost 89% of their clients.

    1 week After Women
    Retail shops are starting to adjust. Stores selling primarily to women are closing up. 95% of shoe stores have closed. Deliveries and production of food and supplies continues normally except in a few industries where women worked in some number. Managers are assessing possible cuts in production since men are not consumers of frivolous stuff. Electricity, gas, water, and other systems have continued to function normally.

    1 month After Women
    Retail sales overall are down to about 25% of previous totals. Men are finding that they have a lot more disposable income and are starting to think about buying a new car, fishing boat or snowmobile. Some economic shifting is still going on as the economy adjusts. Women amounted to over 75% of retail sales, ¾ of medical services, and the majority of most other consumption. Governments are short handed because most of their staffs are not there, but the recipients of most of their welfare services are no longer in need so the remaining government staff is more than necessary. The Congress is even thinking about cutting taxes. Social Security system is way over funded, for example, since men formerly paid 80% of SS taxes and received only 20% of benefits. Most other insurance programs have a similar financial unbalance. The stock market is beginning to recover.

    1 year After Women
    The government has cut taxes to less than half of previous amounts, and still has a big surplus. Thousands of empty boarded up shopping malls and stores line our streets. Gas prices have plummeted. Most men have few expenses and lots of spending money. Production has finally been balanced with demand as manufacturers adjusted to the reduced consumption. Some industries such as fishing and recreation have boomed. At work, men can tell jokes without watching over their shoulders to avoid being fired for “harassment.” All the homeless men have been offered good jobs.

    10 years After Women
    Independent research groups in Paris, Pennsylvania, and Tokyo have invented artificial wombs. The first generation of children is already being raised. The economies throughout the world are having boom times. Men are getting together in sports leagues, fishing groups, and recreation associations. Life is good.

    100 years After Women
    The average life span of men has increased by 10 years since the reduced stress. Peace and prosperity have taken over the earth. Without women to fight for there isn’t much point in fighting wars. World population has declined to a sustainable level and stayed there. Prosperity and plenty are endemic everywhere.

    • These scenarios totally disregard when the going gets tough the tough get going.
      You seem to totally discount that women can LEARN how to do the jobs they aren’t significantly represented in, but don’t chose to do because of family and social conditioning.
      Real life example- World War II, women took over many “man jobs.”
      Unless all the textbooks and manuals disappear with the men, women will conquer the learning curve. I grant it may take more than two years, but HUMANS find a way.

      • I do believe that woman-world would survive. Like you said, humans find a way – they’re adaptable. But developing and maintaining a level of society that rises above the world of Mad Max is a difficult job.

        Just think about what it takes to bring something from overseas, on a ship or airplane. It isn’t just the role of aircraft pilot and ship captain that women would need to learn, but diesel mechanic, forklift operator, radar technician, runway de-icing tech, and all the mechanics along the line. The list goes on. And all these jobs would have to be learned (by my guess) in under a year, lest the urban areas starve all over the world.

        All of the bottom-tier jobs in our current day are done by men, but these jobs are necessary for the world we live in. I don’t doubt that a individual woman can learn to drive a combine, or that a woman can learn to fix a combine, but how would a world of women collectively know how to drive the combines, fix the combines, ship the repair part for the combines (and repair the truck/boat/plane used to ship it), forge the repair part for the combines (and repair the machinery to make the part), process the ore to make the part (and repair the mining equipment), or even mine the ore to be processed? And not just learn how to do it, but do it well. That’s not a learning curve, that’s a learning cliff.

        And I’m not saying women couldn’t do it. This is all just a thought bubble where anything can happen. But in the guise of fiction, it doesn’t seem likely that women as a whole could tackle the needs of a modern world, all at once, without notice. Whereas men already do this on a daily basis.

        The main thrust of this post wasn’t to poke fun at women or make them feel like shit for not doing the jobs that men do, but to show how much of our civilization is maintained by men, men who are overlooked because they are considered the dregs of society. It’s meant to illustrate that, even in the face of all the shit men collectively get for privilege and patriarchy, they still do a lot to make everything work.

    • I would offer that there would be parallel competing projects with the artificial womb for continuing the next generation,including but not limited to: animal surrogates, human male surrogates, and perhaps even tissue engineering.
      I would expect that a lot of the men who have lost their retail businesses would flock to learn bio-engineering or take up supporting jobs in these exciting and promising new endeavors in whatever cities they are pursued.
      I would expect that there would be a great deal of national pride involved since whatever nation gets there first to continue the next generation, would be the winner in the only game in life that counts.

  5. … on man earth the transsexuals are now a prized group. Some government funding is shifted to subsidize this operation barely affecting the reduction in welfare costs. The transsexuals are now starring in all new porn, phone sex lines, cheerleaders, newscasters, and all other areas that men want to see curvy things.

    Prostitution is also legalized and strictly monitored for both the parties to make sure stds are not transferred. This leads to curing most stds and minimizing exposure to those that are not curable.

    Doctors, due to reduction in patient lode, mandate 6 month checkups for everyone so that health can be monitored better. Some of the welfare savings was steered here also Yielding to low cost medical care and keeping enough doctors employed to continue adequate care. This would extend men’s lives, catch many of the diseases early, and start eradicating many communicable diseases.

    Through advancements by doctors sex changes allow this group to carry an infant to term. The embryo must be artificially created, but it is a stop gap until the artificial wombs are common.

    Teaching is now done almost exclusively through computer based education. Yielding better average education as it reacts to the student and increases or decreases the speed of education by the needs of the individual. (Already exists see home school software) And as boys in puberty are no longer distracted by the female classmates and their developing bodies they Are studying harder and learning more.(multiple studies have shown this to be a factor of the hormonal adolescent boy)

    So on and so forth…

    Men would probably one up the real doll and start using some Japanese robots as female companions. They already have some that can interact and look somewhat human… see anime Saber Marionettes for example of men society with female companion robots…

    Then again genetic manipulation… men would probably bring the women back unless the wizard aliens stopped that…

  6. The population on the man world would be in decline for decades, because they would have to come up with an ovary/ womb substitute. I could make a sheep joke here, but I won’t. On the other hand woman world would just dole out sperm from sperm donor banks. Furthermore, since sperm donor are screened for genetic maladies, the need generation on the woman world would be the healthiest in history, while the men would have quite a few hits and misses in recreating reproduction.

    • True, but there is also ovula banks.
      And with the facts given on the article, woman society won’t last long

    • One minor problem… the refrigerators lost power on day one. Thermal momentum and latency may keep the little buggers viable for a few days to a week but, unless some of the women thought about it during the riots and found some way to keep the sperm on ice, I’m afraid the sperm would have gone rancid.
      On man-earth, eggs would remain refrigerated until a solution is found. Finding that solution would be priority one, and if I know men, without anyone to put the brakes on taking risks, that solution would come in anywhere from a couple years to a decade. there will be mistakes, but they will learn from them and keep plowing away.

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  8. Well if all women would leave and they would just leave all men here alone on the earth.. what would happen?

    men would lose their meaning of life, and they would end doing all those things you mentioned. all those actions are done becouse and for women. I think so, and I am man.

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